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Modern Mediterranean TBR15

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Minimum quantity of 1 sheets

Get the look from Three Birds Renovations House 15 with this limited edition ‘selection in a box’.

The box contains a sample of each profile used by the Birds allowing you to see, touch and visualise the size, shape and style to create your flat lay design. Simply advise your builder or carpenter of your Intrim selection.

Selections in a Box – Modern Mallorca TBRH15

  • Skirting Board – SK803-804 Intrim two-piece ShadowlineĀ® system skirting board is suitable for a timber floor and designed to be installed prior to wall plastering to provide a flush finish. Note: If installing to carpet you can get the same look using SK800
  • Casa Trim Ceiling / Wall Battens – two-piece WB42 A+WB42BĀ Ā 
  • Half Round – HR40

Three Birds Renovations House 15

  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
  2. Select your quantity and place your order.
  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a wall batten different to a piece of timber from the hardware store?

Wall battens are made in specific sizes, and thicknesses with some even featuring a decorative surface finish providing design flexibility to create striking wall and ceilings. A major difference is the Arris (the sharp edge where the vertical and horizontal plane meet) has been chamfered. This creates a child-safe and durable finish to the edge of the wall batten. The type of timber is also recommended to be our FJ Pine, to ensure long straight lengths that are less likely to have significant movement when installed compared to species of timbers that are not for this purpose.  

What is the difference between a wall batten and a lining board?

Lining boards provide full coverage of a wall, with each board clipping together seamlessly with a tongue and groove system. Wall battens do not have a tongue and groove to join them together, and are generally used with spaces between them.

Where would I use wall battens?

Predominately wall or ceiling applications

Can you make custom sizes of wall battens?

There is a range of sizes already available (see below) if this does not suit your needs please contact us.
  • 42mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 90mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 90mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 115mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 115mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 185mm wide x 12mm thick

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