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Fast Trim

The revolutionary next-generation system of pre-cut and pre-scribed skirtings and architraves. Save time up to 45% installation time, and achieve a precision machine quality finish.

Fast Trim

Scribing skirting boards is required when fixing internal skirting corner joints together so the skirting profile neatly fits together for a quality finish. This process has traditionally been done by hand by skilled carpenters. Fast Trim is the exclusive Intrim pre-scribed skirting system that allows you to order all the lengths you need prescribing on precision machinery and in your required lengths. This has been demonstrated to provide a 45% quicker installation time. A pre-scribe from precision machinery is superior quality to a hand-cut scribe and ensures a precise fit which for a larger and more decorative profile translates into real savings. Fast Trim also provides pre-mitred architraves cut to length, which is again another significant game changer, saving up to 55% installation time. As Fast Trim requires all lengths to be provided to you cut to length, Intrim provides plan take-offs as part of the service so we produce the cutting list, removing the headache for you, and providing yet again another significant time saver.
Fast Trim scribe is available on most skirting board profiles, only in 18mm thick and only in FJ Pine. We currently do not offer Fast Trim in other skirting board thicknesses, or other materials. We do not offer it on the Intrim Essentials range.

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Fast Trim 5 Steps To Save

STEP 1 - Request a Quote

Tell us about yourself and your project. What moulding profile design & sizes do you want to use? Provide your plans & window schedule. We do the take-offs and cutting list to prepare your quote.

STEP 2 - Place your Order

Check the quote. This will include your profiles selected, lengths, pricing and delivery requirements. When you are ready to go, call or email us to proceed.

STEP 3 - Check your Order

Upon your acceptance of the quote, we will provide you with the marked-up plans and cutting lists for your review prior to manufacturing. This provides you with the assurance that we have captured everything correctly from your provided information during quoting.

STEP 4 - Manufacture

We make your mouldings to order. Each skirting length is cut and scribed. Each architrave is cut to length and mitred. All pieces are labelled for easy identification during installation. On completion of manufacturing, your order is carefully wrapped and prepared for transport.

STEP 5 - Deliver & Install

Your order is shipped as per your selected delivery method. Our team will be in touch to ensure you know when it will be arriving. You will be supplied with the marked-up colour-coded and labelled plan and cutting list to allow ease of identification of each profile. Final measure each skirting position and trim the un-scribed end of the skirting to exact size and install. Architraves will be supplied with mitres on correct ends to the exact length.

Fast Trim Time Comparison

Save up to 45% on skirting and 55% on architrave installation time. Use Fast Trim from Intrim, the revolutionary next-generation system of pre-mitred Architraves developed exclusively by Intrim Mouldings. A serious time saver on site. Save time = Save money.
See it for yourself with our time comparison videos for skirting boards and architraves.

Fast Trim Skirting Time Comparison

Fast Trim Architrave Time Comparison

Hear why Fast Trim is a game changer from a leading carpenter

Advantages of Fast Trim

No more scribing on site
We do the plan take-offs
Delivered to site ready-to-install
No more mitring on site
We produce requirements & cutting lists
Save time and change the way you install
Work faster, work smarter
Packed, cut to length and labelled
Buy direct from the Australian manufacturer

Frequently asked questions

What makes Fast Trim different from just ordering what I need?

Traditionally material for architraves and skirting boards is supplied to site as 5.4m lengths. Each piece of skirting board or architrave is then measured, cut-to-length and scribed/mitred on site. A scribe completed manually with a coping saw on site takes between 5-8 minutes to complete. Fast Trim is a revolutionary NEW system where the skirting is pre-scribed and cut to length (slightly over length) and architraves are pre-mitred as well as cut-to-length in our manufacturing facility using state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Each piece has a unique coded label for where it is located in the project which corresponds with the project floor plan. This saves significant time on site and is an exact fit for a quality finish.

When would I consider ordering Fast Trim versus a just ordering the profiles I need for my skirting and architraves and doing the scribing and mitering onsite during installation?

Fast Trim really provides the time saving during new home builds and larger commercial projects. You would not use Fast Trim for a renovation.

Is there an extra charge for Fast Trim?

Yes, there is a surcharge for each Fast Trim machine scribe. The surcharge is $13.52 RRP incl GST. Trade pricing is available by contacting our sales team.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

As with any order you need to tell us; skirting profile, size and Architrave profile and size and your delivery requirements. In addition, you will need to provide a floor plan as well as a window and door schedule that clearly shows the extent of the skirting and architrave detailed on the plan

How do you determine the lengths and number of cuts? Do I supply you the take-offs measurements and cutting list?

Our Estimating Team will complete the quantity take-offs for you as a valued add service of Fast Trim. This allows us to generate the quote. On your acceptance of the quote, we will provide the cutting list and markup of the plan with colour coding and alpha-numeric code for the location to denote where skirting and architrave have been allowed. This is provided to you for your confirmation prior to manufacturing.

What substrate is Fast Trim supplied in and how is it finished?

FastTrim orders will be supplied using Primed Finger Joint Pine timber.

How do you allow for minor length variation to the plans?

Fast Trim orders for Skirting Board are supplied scribed on left-hand end with square-cut on right-hand end unless otherwise noted. They are supplied 50mm over the length on the right-hand end allowing for minor variations to the takeoffs. You cut this end to length on site.

For Architraves, we determine and supply the required number of pieces of mitred architrave with a mitre to right end and the length, the required number of pieces with a mitre to left end and the length and the number of pieces with mitres to both ends and length.

When you supply the order, how will I work out what piece goes in which location?

You will be supplied with your project Architectural plan marked up with colour coding and alpha-numeric code for the location to denote where skirting and architrave have been allowed. One colour for skirting and another for architrave. These will match the labels on each profile piece delivered.

Do you specially pack Fast Trim to protect the scribed ends?

Yes, additional protection is provided to the scribed ends to protect during transport.

If a length is damaged, it will hold up the entire job? How can I avoid that?

Depending on the size of your order we will provide additional lengths of the profiles to allow for a possible discrepancy of the lengths to the plan and damage.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, Fast Trim is not designed for small orders and as such the minimum order quantity is 400m which can be made up of a combination of skirting and architrave. If you are not sure if your project will be that size, talk to us and we can make a recommendation as to whether Fast Trim is suitable.

How do I request a quote?

Once you have received your quote and would like to go ahead. Simply let us know via email at or phone us at 1800 622 081

Do I have to have an account with you to order Fast Trim?

Yes. To experience the Fast Trim difference you will need to set up an account with us if you haven’t already. You can click here to set up an account.

What is the lead time for Fast Trim orders?

Fast Trim orders are an additional 3 days over our normal manufacturing, to allow for the scribing, mitre process and is only available in Primed FJ Pine. We also need to allow 2-3 days for the preparation of your quotation to allow us to do the Take-offs. The total time from order placement to ex. Factory shipping is 10-11 days.

I still have questions who do I speak to?

Our Product Consultant team will be happy to talk to you about your project and the benefits of Fast Trim. Our Customer care team are also on hand to further assist you.  You can speak to us via phone at 1800 622 081,  email us or simply fill in our contact us form.

What material type and thickness do you offer FastTrim scribes in?

Fast Trim scribe is available on most skirting board profiles, only in 12mm and 18mm thick and only in Primed FJ Pine. We currently do not offer Fast Trim in other skirting board thicknesses, or other materials. We do not offer it on the Intrim Essentials range.

What is the minimum length for a fast trim scribe?

The minimum length for a fast trim scribe is 300mm. If you place an order for a length under 300mm you will still be supplied 300mm.

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