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Ceiling Panelling - Types and Design Ideas

Learn about different types of ceiling panelling, coffered ceilings and some latest design ideas to create spectacular ceilings.

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11th October 2023

Ceiling panelling refers to the use of panels, planks, battens or boards installed on the ceiling surface in a variety of patterns and styles to create a decorative finish. This technique has been used for centuries in both residential and commercial spaces to add texture and enhance the aesthetics of the ceiling and overall interior space. They can also be used to hide any imperfections like cracks or water damage marks in the ceiling. Usually made from natural timber or MDF they can be painted or stained to complement the design and achieve the desired look of the room. There are a variety of ceiling panelling options to choose from.Ā 

Types of Ceiling Panelling

Tongue and Groove Lining Boards:

Tongue and groove ceiling panelling feature interlocking boards with a groove on one edge and a tongue on the other. This design allows easy application and ensures the boards fit together tightly and securely, creating a seamless look. Intrim VJ Panelling (sheets of timber) and Lining boards can be used to create this type of ceiling panelling.

Coffered Ceilings:

Coffered ceilings feature a series of square or rectangular recessed panels, separated by beams. They are a stylish and elegant way to add depth and sophistication to a room. Although they are quite traditional and formal, with such a vast variety of architectural designs these days, they can be implemented into a variety of Australian homes and can be created to your desired depth as well as detail depending on your personal preferences. Different types of timber mouldings can be used to create this type of ceiling. Contact one of our design consultants to discuss your desired look.

Geometric pattern panelling

Geometric panelling is a modern and creative way to make the room more interesting. It consists of geometric shapes, such as triangles, squares, and hexagons, arranged in a repeated ceiling pattern and works well in contemporary or eclectic-style homes.

Exposed beams

Exposed beams are a great way to add warmth and texture to a room and work well in coastal, farmhouses, rustic, or industrial-style homes. You can get the look using Intrim Decorative Non Structural Beam Wraps.

Ceiling battens:

Ceiling battens are a type of timber mouldings available in distinct designs used to create a pattern on the plastered ceiling. You can choose from the various designs and patterns of wall and ceiling battens available at Intrim to archive the look of your choice.

Creative design ideas for ceiling panelling using timber mouldings

Add charm and character to the ceiling using VJ panelling or lining boards. Intrim VJ Panelling and lining board feature tongue and groove system and goĀ well with country/farmhouse style, Hampton, coastal or even contemporary style homes. Kirsty and Jesse used VJ board pro 150 to create ceiling panelling in their lake house renovation to add warmth toĀ living/dining area and the bedroom.

Coffered Ceilings

Create the timeless coffered ceiling look using timber mouldings. Rachel turner used SK323Ā  scalloped profile, DAR battens and CM14 cornice mould to create beams and cross beams for the coffered ceiling of a Cape Cod-style home.

Curves using ceiling battens

Achieve a distinctive look with curves and detailing using Intrim Casa Trim wall and ceiling battens. Three birds renovations used WB42a and 42b wall and ceiling battens kitchen, lounge and dining area of their recent project House 15. The curves really took the aesthetics of the space to another level. Not just that, these ceiling battens helped create a visual optical effect of making a room feel longer. These versatile battens can be used to give a modern and sophisticated look to any style of interior space. Visualise the House 15 look by ordering samples of the timber mouldings used in it.Ā 

Adding curves to the ceiling:

Curves add style and depth to the walls and ceiling. Using curved timber mouldings as ceiling panels will give your property a distinctive look. Astina Suites,Ā a brand-new luxury serviced used Intrim concave and half round profiles to achieve the desired luxury finish.

Cornice Moulds

Add more depth to your coffered ceiling with beautiful cornice moulds just like the leading carpenter Alex Garcia did in this modern Hamptons house using Intrim CM20 cornice moulds. The cornice detailing added to the coffered ceiling elevated its appearance and made it truly spectacular.

Achieve your desired ceiling panelling using timber mouldings. Contact our design consultant now to discuss the look you want.

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