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Timber Handrails

Intrim Mouldings large range of solid timber handrail profiles and wall projection systems are beautifully appealing and durable and use our time-saving installation systems. Seen in projects right across the country from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and everywhere in between.

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How to select the right timber handrail system for your project

Intrim Mouldings offer a range of handrails for various projects. Read through each section below to learn about our range of timber handrails and what you need to know to help you choose the perfect solution to make your interior spectacular.

Connecta Rail Handrail System

The Intrim Connecta Rail System consists of a stylish blend of timber and stainless steel that creates a seriously eye-catching continuous rail system within interiors. This unique system is easy to install and provides a wide variety of benefits, saving you both time and money. 

The Intrim Connecta Rail System is a continuous dowel handrail system that incorporates 40mm or 50mm diameter timber dowel handrail and stainless steel accessories. These include: 

  • Stainless steel 90-degree bends 
  • Stainless steel 45-degree bends 
  • End caps 
  • Handrail brackets 
  • Optional LED Lighting 

Our Intrim Connecta Rail Systems are professionally built by experienced craftsmen on our company site to ensure they can stand up to even the heaviest of general wear and tear, as well as remain as architecturally beautiful as the first day they were installed. 

The Connecta Rail System is unique, time-efficient, and suitable for a wide range of applications, including health projects, aged care facilities, retirement villages, shopping centres and stair rails. 


Timber LED Handrail System

Intrim offer LED lighting in our dowel Connecta Rail handrail system for use in aged care, commercial and health facilities, and our Intrim IHR10 LED Hospital Handrail for health facilities. 

The benefits of our LED internal handrail systems are: 

  • LED lighting lifts the mood of the environment. 
  • The use of timber in interiors has a positive impact on the physical health and mental well-being of those living and working in these interiors. 
  • Energy-saving over traditional lighting. 
  • The night light is used for safety and better visibility. 
  • Can be integrated for use as a low level, night light to illuminate as staff or residents move through the corridors at night 
  • Available raw or with a hard-wearing, triple-layer, anti-microbial coating. 
  • The IHR10 hospital handrail option is manufactured to your predetermined lengths, arriving on-site with the LED preassembled to save time and money at installation. 
  • There is no need to order pre-cut LED lengths in the Connecta Rail option. Lengths can be cut on-site to suit your project, saving time and adding flexibility at installation. 

Available in 3 lighting tones: Warm White, Cool White and Natural White.


Dowel Handrail System

The Intrim Dowel Handrail System is a continuous handrail system that is predominantly used for handrails in aged care and retirement centres but will suit any commercial or residential application. Available in 50mm and 40mm diameter straight rail with a variety of preformed timber bends or corners to create a continuous dowel handrail system. This handrail is readily available ex-stock in Tas Oak/Vic Ash or other timbers upon request. 


Hospitals & Health Care Handrails

With health care and aged developers, architects and interior designers striving to make their projects less clinical and more welcoming and homely, Intrim has a range of natural timber handrail and wall protection systems to help achieve this goal. 

Our IHR09 and IHR10 handrail are elegant handrail systems utilised in a large variety of health and aged care facilities. The benefits of this system are: 

  • Australian standard AS1428. 1-2009 compliant 
  • Doubles as wall protection from traffic, including beds and trolleys 
  • Triple coated with hard-wearing coating for durability 
  • Unique wall fixing system for fast and simple installation 

Intrim® IHR10 LED Handrail

Bump Rail

We understand the dilemma health and aged care developers, architects and interior designers have in striving to create a welcoming, homely and less clinical interior, so Intrim created a range of natural timber and bump rail, crash rail and wall protection to help achieve the goal of creating something beautiful. 

Our bump rail and wall protection systems are beautiful, functional and ready for installation upon delivery to the site. We have created a unique secret fixing system that speeds up installation and conceals fixing to the wall. Easy to maintain and resilient to impact for beds and other traffic. 

Intrim’s crash rail is compatible with our Intrim® IHR10 Handrail System which can be used as a dual rail with both a mid and base rail for wall protection only. 

Anti Ligature Handrail

Intrim’s natural timber IHR39 anti ligature handrails is suitable for mental health and hospital applications where there is a risk of ligature. 

  • Suitable for 9C compliant facilities. 
  • Compliant with the Australian standard AS1428 1-2009. 

These handrails are designed to be fixed using a bracket that runs continuously along the full length of the handrail, without leaving a gap, to reduce ligature risk. The rounded handrail top provides comfortable and substantial support and safety for users, and the clear-coated option is hygienic and easy to clean. 

The use of timber enhances the look of its surrounding environment and doubles as wall protection from traffic and wheeled beds. 

Intrim® IHR39 is available in 145mm wide, 44mm thick at the top, 55mm thick at the wall mount and has a wall projection of 91mm. Crafted in Clear Precoated Vic Ash and raw Vic Ash timber. The clear coat provides antimicrobial protection as well as helps save additional time required on-site for painting and drying. 


Intrim timber handrails for residential and commercial properties

Importance of handrails. Intrim Mouldings offer a range of handrails for various projects. Our round dowel handrail and Connecta Rail system are excellent continuous modular handrails to suit small and large projects of distinction. Both offer ease of installation due to the pre-formed bends and stainless steel bend connectors, as well as being cost-effective, you can create a warm, homely interior. These handrails are perfect for use in aged care facilities and hospitals where conformity to AS1428.1-2009 is needed.

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What is the purpose of handrails?

The purpose of handrails is to provide support for a person in order to prevent accidents or falls. This is why they are such an important fixture in Aged Care, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities where elderly and vulnerable people are. They are also an important component in commercial spaces like an office or hotel as they are an important safety fixture e.g. staircases.  

How are handrails made?

Intrim makes handrails by getting a kiln-dried piece of timber and putting it through one of the machines where it is processed to get the desired finish, profile, and size. 

Where are handrails required?

A handrail is required for staircases, platforms or landings above 1 metre from the ground. This will be 4 risers and 3 treads of a compliant staircase. A handrail is also required for ramps more than 2m.  Examples, where handrails can be required, include:
  • Staircases 
  • 9C compliant building  
  • Public walkway  
  • Churches  
  • Schools 
  • Ramps 
  • Elevator 
  • Voids 
  • Universities 
  • Sport facilities 
  • Apartment buildings  
  • Offices

Are handrails required on both sides of stairs?

As a minimum requirement, internal handrails to a stairway flight or ramp must be provided on at least one side of the stairway or ramp and for the full length of the stairway flight or ramp. It must be continuous and have no obstructions that will tend to break a handhold except for a newel post or ball-type stanchion.  In Class 9a, Healthcare buildings a handrail must be provided along at least one side of the passageway or corridor used by patients, and must be; 
  1. Fixed not less than 50mm clear of the wall: and 
  1. Where practicable, continuous for their full length 
  In Class 9c, aged care buildings a handrail must be provided along both sides of every passageway or corridor used by residents, and must be; 
  1. Fixed not less than 50mm clear of the wall; and 
  1. Where practicable, continuous for their full length 

What is the allowable height for a handrail?

Handrail height for stairs according to the Australian standards is the height of a handrail above the floor or the nosing of a stair tread, which shall be no less than 865mm.  On a landing where fall from height is significant the height of the guardrail must be at least 1000 mm.  In a general corridor, our recommended handrail height is 900mm. 

Is there a way to pre-finish and stain the handrails?

Intrim offers staining, colour finishing and clear precoated handrail and bump rail.  Minimum order quantities apply for staining, ideal for large commercial quantities. 

I’m a specifier/designer, how can I easily create a revit railing file?

Intrim is always looking for ways we can help specifiers and designers and our Revit files are a specifier's and estimators' dream! See the link below.

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