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A Complete Guide To Pre Primed Mouldings

Get a detailed insight of pre primed mouldings and their numerous benefits over the unprimed raw mouldings in this complete guide.

A Complete Guide To Pre Primed Mouldings

Get a detailed insight of pre primed mouldings and the numerous benefits over the unprimed raw mouldings in this complete guide.


What are pre primed mouldings

Pre-primed mouldings are timber mouldings that have been coated with a paint primer, eliminating the need for the use of an undercoat. This means you will save time and money having the convenience of your timber delivered ready to install and paint your final colour.

Pre Primed

Benefits of pre primed mouldings

Although the cost of pre-primed timber mouldings is a slightly higher than the equivalent raw timber due to the additional processes and undercoat, you will save considerable amount of time and cost in installation and painting because it;

  • Eliminates Site downtime – Mouldings may be installed immediately upon delivery to site – no need to prime/seal on site prior to installation.
  • Eliminates Timber movement – Minimising moisture content intake/output due to site environment, causing movement in timber such as swelling, shrinkage, cupping, etc.
  • Minimises downtime & cost due to a painter onsite – Less preparation and drying time required for painter to prepare for further finished coatings to the mouldings.

Intrim Advantage

Intrim’s pre primed moulding is a superior product which resists moisture absorption (reducing the risk of mildew, dry rot, warping) and avoids having to replace your timber mouldings prematurely. Here are some advantages of Intrim’s primed timber mouldings.

Intrim’s unique pre-priming sealing system finishes and dries the primer in record time, allowing us to pack and ship your mouldings to you sooner, without sacrificing the quality of the finish.

Unlike some other pre-primed options on the market, our coating has been designed to reduce the risk of chip outs during cutting and installation.

The difference between the Intrim primer and a commodity coated primer

The Intrim primer has a different feel and look to off-the-shelf mouldings from your local hardware store or timber yard. See the comparison below to understand how the Intrim primer is different (or similar) from commodity primer.

Intrim and commodity Primer comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stain pre primed wood?

Pre Primed wood is ready to be installed and painted. They don’t have to be stained. Priming essentially prevents the stain to be absorbed by the wood hence, staining is not suggested over primed wood. 

Do you need to sand pre primed wood?

Sanding guarantees good paint adhesion. Hence it is a prerequisite for all pre primed mouldings that they should be lightly sanded prior to applying further coats of paint to ensure a strong bond between the primed wood and paint. 

What type of primer would go for pre primed mouldings

For water-based paints you do not require another coat of primer but if you wish to apply primer, we recommend Dulux precision maximum strength adhesion primer.  For oil-based paint a suitable primer must be applied prior to applying the topcoats. We recommend Dulux One Step Alkyd Primer/Undercoator Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Sealer) 

Installation Tips For Pre Primed Mouldings


  • Cut from the profiled face through to the back to prevent fibre tearout that is inherent with all timber.
  • To ensure the best possible finish we recommend that you only use sharp, well maintained tools.

Hand Nailing

  • When hand nailing, the use of bullet head bright nails is recommended. The hand nailing should be finished with a nail punch so the nail sits just below the surface.

Gun Nailing

  • Ensure you adjust the gun with each moulding type to prevent the nail from shooting too deep and make sure the nail finishes just below the surface.
  • We recommend you use a protective tip on the gun to eliminate any bruising that may occur on the surface.
  • Set the depth of nail height as per nail gun manufacturer's instructions.


  • When gluing back face of moulding to plaster or rendered wall, we recommend you use the following products:-
  • Soudal – fix all – smx hybrid polymer or a rapid cure polyurethane based construction adhesive.

Sanding and Painting

  • Seal any nail holes and exposed sawn surfaces with an appropriate sealer ie. Zinsser bin, (used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions) after installation.
  • Fill the nail holes and small surface checkouts with appropriate wood filler and then do the sanding
  • Wipe off dust and dirt that may have accumulated on the surface of the moulding.
  • A light sand is recommended prior to applying top coats.
  • Further coats must not be watered down.
  • Water based/acrylic top coats may be directly applied and do not require another primer or sealer coat.
  • Oil based/enamel top coats must have a suitable primer (recommended – Dulux one step acrylic primer/undercoat or Zinsser cover stain primer sealer) applied prior to applying top coats.

Health and Safety

  • When working with pre-primed mouldings ensure you use all the correct personal protective equipment eg. Mask, gloves, goggles. Machine tools should be fitted with dust extractors and work areas kept clean.
  • Storage and work areas should be adequately ventilated.
  • Machines should be well maintained and the cutting tools should be sharp.

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