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DIY Wainscoting Kits

DIY Wainscoting Kits are the ideal choice when on a tight budget, and donā€™t have all the tools. Achieve the character and class of Wainscoting using prepared ā€˜stick to the wallā€™ kit that you can do it yourself.

3 Steps DIY Wainscoting

How to plan and order your DIY Wainscoting Kits

See what you need and how to install your DIY Wainscoting here.

What are the 2 different DIY Wainscoting Kits and what else do I need?

Intrim DIY Wainscoting kits come in 2 options.


OPTION A ā€“Ā For the lower section of the wall

Our popular IN23 inlay mould with CR22 chair rail is all in an easy-to-use pack that comes with a carpenterā€™s pencil, corner marking spacers, chair rail blocks, glue and sandpaper so you have everything you need for an easy reno.


OPTION B ā€“ For the upper section of the wall

Additional IN23 inlay moulds to complete wainscoting panels above the chair rail on the top half of the wall. This is kit needs to be purchased in addition to Option A to create a full wall height Wainscoting

What you need

In addition to the product and installation tools in each pack, you will need the below to complete the installation.

You may already have these items at home, or you can purchase them from us ā€“ easy!



This diagram will help you visualise your wall, each item and size.



How many kits do I need?

To calculate how many kits you need for your walls, we have an easy-to-follow table together with full installation instructions and a HOW TO INSTALL video. See the full step-by-step instructions on our How to Install DIY Wainscoting Information Page

Wall Panel Calculation Chart

Length of Wall Number of 1.8m Kits Required Number of Wall Panels (ā€œFramesā€) per section of Wall Number of 90mm Corner Marking Spacers Required
600 to 950mm 1 1 panel 2
951 to 1800mm 1 2 panels 3
1801 to 2670mm 2 3 panels 4
2671 to 3600mm 2 4 panels 5
3601 to 4390mm 3 5 panels 6
4391 to 5400mm 3 6 panels 7
5401 to 6110mm 4 7 panels 8
6111 to 7200mm 4 8 panels 9

How do I install the DIY Wainscoting Kit?

These DIY kits really simplify wainscoting installation. They 'stick on the wall' and don't require any power tools, heavy lifting or previous building experience to install. WATCH how it is done.

How to install DIY Wainscoting Kit Video

5 easy steps to turn a bland white wall, into a spectacular interior.

  1. Plan your requirements
  2. Order your kits
  3. Install
  4. Paint
  5. Decorate

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in the DIY Kit?

The DIY packs includes lengths of IN23 inlay mould and CR22 chair rail, carpenters pencil, corner marking spacers, chair rail blocks, glue and sandpaper. In additional to the product and installation tools in each pack you will need high quality mitre box and saw, caulking gun and tape measure.

What is a DIY Kit?

Our DIY Kits include the instructions and tools needed to install wainscoting. Making it fast, simple and easy to DIY wainscoting in the comfort of your own home.

Can you choose what designs go into the kits?

No. Our DIY Kits contain the profiles IN23 inlay mould and CR22 chair rail. These cannot be changed. These profiles work well for 18mm wide architraves as well.

Is Wainscoting expensive?

Depending on the method used wainscoting can be expensive. Traditionally it would be installed using a method called ā€˜raised panelā€™ wainscoting, where boards (usually MDF sheets) and battens are installed on the walls to create depth by projecting from the wall. The inlay mould is then installed around the inside lip of these raised board panels. This will give you a traditional Hamptons look and will be beautiful, but it also adds additional cost. This method requires more material and it is much more labour intensive. So how can you combat this? The alternative method of installation is the direct wall application, where for want of a better explanation, you ā€˜stickā€™ or install the inlay mould in the ā€˜framesā€™ directly to your wall. Usually, these are nailed on, but we also have DIY wainscoting kits so you can install them yourself (saving even more cash) by simply sticking them on the wall.

How do I know how many DIY kits I will need?

Each kit covers 1.8 metres.

Who can install wainscoting?

With Intrimā€™sĀ DIY Wainscoting Kit, covering your interior walls with wainscoting panels is easy to do yourself!Ā Contact usĀ today to find out more and hear some handy tips and tricks on what youā€™ll need for DIY wainscoting and how you can use our wainscoting kit or choose and install your own mouldings, to achieve the look youā€™re after. If youā€™d rather have someone else install wainscoting on your walls, we have a list of recommended installers who are experts at installing wainscoting.

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