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ConnectaRail Handrail System

A stylish blend of timber and stainless steel making for an eye catching continuous handrail system. Save time with our easy to install unique fixing system.

The leading choice for commercial applications

A modular handrail system designed by the Intrim Group in Australia for Australian building requirements. Locally made to your specific project requirements, Intrim ConnectaRail is the handrail system of choice for projects nationwide due to its versatility, quality, durability and outstanding service and expertise delivered by Intrim since 1993. Learn more about what makes ConnectaRail better than the alternatives and how it is ideal for all types of commercial applications including age care, health, shopping centres, schools and more.

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Why choose Intrim ConnectaRail system?

Why would I use the Intrim ConnectaRail handrail system over competitor options?

The 8 reasons that make Intrim ConnectaRail Handrail system the ideal choice for your next project.

  1. The Intrim ConnectaRail System is professionally built by experienced craftsmen in our Sydney factory prior to delivery to your site. It is pre-coated and ready for installation upon delivery, saving time on your site.
  2. The hard wearing timber is triple coated with an Anti-Microbial coating. It is designed to ensure it can stand up to even the heaviest of general wear and tear as well as remaining as architecturally beautiful as the first day they were installed.
  3. Concealed fixing system
  4. Unique wall fixing system for fast and simple installation
  5. Australian standard AS1428. 1-2009 compliant
  6. Supplied with powder coated stainless steel wall brackets
  7. Doubles as a wall protection from traffic, including beds and trolleys in hospital and health facilities
  8. The use of natural material has been proven to have aesthetic therapeutic benefits increasing healing and therefore decreasing hospital stays

Is the ConnectaRail System suitable for health and aged care facilities?

The Intrim ConnectaRail is a unique and time-efficient system that is suitable for a wide range of applications including 9C compliant aged care facilities, hospitals, medical clinics, and some commercial projects. It reduces the dependency on staff and carers by offering a handrail system that increases aged care residents’ confidence and motivation to stay active and mobile. The Connecta Rail is supplied with Intrim’s ready-to-install, Anti Microbial clear pre-coated system which requires three coats of clear lacquer sanded between each coat. This not only saves wet trade time but offers an antimicrobial coating in facilities where bacteria and health are paramount. Very few companies coat it like us and ease of install of grub grooves and process to install is a lot quicker than other products on the market. This system is also able to protect walls from beds and traffic, doubling as a wall protection. If the product was to get damaged, we can offer touch ups or recoats. We use a product called cabothane to do any touch ups.


How to choose your Intrim ConnectaRail Handrail System?

As the ConnectaRail system is modular, this section will walk you through selecting the handrail sizes, and explain what each component is, and how many you require.

What size handrails are available?

The Intrim Connecta Rail System uses round timber handrails also known as a dowel handrail. You have the choice of

  • ConnectaRail40 – which uses a 40mm diametre handrail or
  • ConnectaRail50 – which uses a 50mm diamtre handrail

The handrail comes in mixed random lengths.

What handrail size is most popular by project type?

Sizing and contemporary colour variations of the ConnectaRail vary depending upon both the form and function set by the build in conjunction with a projects unique interior styling objective.

Aged Care:
ConnectaRail40 is the most popular size with aged care facilities. Contemporary stains used on durable Victorian Ash timber, combined with modern powder coated componentry, Intrim ConnectaRail handrail systems achieve a welcoming style to suit any interior design brief.

ConnectaRail40 is popular with hospitals. Intrim use antimicrobial coating in combination with Victorian Ash to cater with the hardwearing requirements for the Health Care environment. Hospital spaces tend to favour salutogenesis and biophilic design which support health and wellbeing. Timber being a natural material, aids in achieving such interior design appeal with more traditional and simple styles working perfectly in a functioning space.

ConnectaRail40 is the most popular size for apartments, hotels, offices, schools etc. who tend to favour a more transparent timber finish with traditional stainless steel componentry for a simple and clean look that fits in with most styles.

What brackets, endcaps, bends & joiners will I need?

The Intrim ConnectaRail System is very easy to install due to the modular stainless-steel components. When planning your ConnectaRail system, you will need to determine the number of each of the stainless components to order. This section explains the options for these parts.

Explore the modular component options

1a ConnectaRail Handrail Brackets - Curved Saddle

There are 2 styles of handrail brackets that suit both 40mm dowel rail of ConnectaRail40 & 50mm dowel rail of ConnectaRail50 systems.

  • HB02CS – Curved Saddle


1b ConnectaRail Handrail Brackets - 80mm threaded
  • HB03S – 80mm threaded

The difference between these 2 options are the HB02CS hand bracket has a curved saddle which sits on the round rail perfectly and will screw in. While the HB03S is threaded into the rail, which is already predrilled with the SSDJK40-50C drilling jig, that is available to purchase with this product and is then wound in. Both brackets have a concealed Anti Microbial Hygiene Plugs (PL01) covering the screws, which provides a clean stainless-steel and hygenic finish ideal for hospitals and health applications.   Other advantages are in aged care and hospitals Phillip head screws are bacterial attractors, so this covers them and helps on an antibacterial level.

2 ConnectaRail Endcaps

There are 2 sizes of the stainless steel ConnectaRail end caps

  • ConnectaRail40 requires SS40EC
  • ConnectaRail50 requires SS50EC
3 Connecta Rail Bends / Returns

There are 2 sizes of the stainless steel ConnectaRail Stainless Steel Bend / Return

  • SS4090B is suitable for ConnectaRail40 – 90° bend with 60mm internal radius
  • SS5090B is suitable for ConnectaRail50 – 90° bend with 55mm internal radius

Endcaps or bends are another component of the ConnectaRail System which are used to go around corners or end of rail return to wall. The bend is more popular to the endcap as endcaps can potentially hook onto things and be a hazard. If returning the bend to the wall, a 2 part Epoxy Adhesive is required. These are available to order, and further information on how to install can be found in our installation guide here

  • AP02SS – Applicator for Epoxy Adhesive
  • CA02SS – Connecta Premium Epoxy Adhesive (50g)
  • NZ02SS – Nozzle for Epoxy Adhesive (Qty 10)
4 ConnectaRail Uni Bends

There are 2 sizes of the stainless steel Connecta Rail unibends

  • SS40UB is suitable for ConnectaRail40
  • SS50UB is suitable for ConnectaRail50

A Unibend has a knuckle in the middle and can be bent to anything greater than 90 degrees and can be suited to whatever bend once installed. You simply tighten the bolt and lock it into place. With bends we can pre powder coat it to different colours to change the look and ascetic. Keep in mind there are some limitations on quantities of these powder coated brackets.

5 ConnectaRail Straight Joiner

There are 2 sizes of the straight joiner.

  • ConnectaRail40 requires SS40J
  • ConnectaRail50 requires SS50J

The straight joiner is used in situations where you have longer rungs of rail. There is a limit to the length of timber we can supply that ranges between 1.5-4.5 metres so this can be used as a joining position and can be matched with bends and endcaps. In terms of the rail, it is AS1428 1-2009 compliant which is the standard handrail and ramp code in Australia. When planning your installation and material requirements as per our installation specifications you must be aware of the spacing between brackets as there needs to be a 900mm spacing max for 40mm dowels and 1200mm max for 50mm dowel handrails.


6 ConnectaRail Joining Fastener

FJ01 – Allow 2 for each bend / joiner and 1 for the end cap.

Helpful resources

Frequently asked questions

Can you stain Connecta Rail?

We sure can for large commercial orders that meet the minimum order quantity. We offer four lovely colours to enhance the look of your interior. Select from our beautiful range of Teak, Walnut, Maple and Black. Ask our team when you make your enquiry if your quantity is sufficient for custom staining.

What type of stainless steel is used with the Connecta Rail?

The Intrim Connecta Rail system uses 316 grade stainless steel which is a marine grade stainless steel. We only work with the best grade of steel to ensure a high quality finish .

Is the Connect Rail system finished with an anti-microbial coating?

Yes! We recommend you order your ConnectaRail with our ready to install Anti-microbial clear pre-coating which is perfect for facilities where bacteria and health are paramount. It also saves significant time on site, reducing the cost and downtime of a wet trade.

Is the Connecta Rail suitable for 9C compliant aged care facilities?

Yes. The Intrim Connecta Rail is perfect for use in aged care and health projects and complies with the Australian Standard AS1428.1-2009.

Do I need to use an Intrim chair rail to fix the handrail brackets or is the fixing to plasterboard sufficient?

Fixing the Intrim ConnectaRail Handrail brackets to the plasterboard is sufficient if there are noggins placed in the wall at the correct height for bracket fixing prior to plasterboard. We recommend the use of an Intrim Chair Rail for added support along the length of the wall to affix the brackets to if noggins are not in the correct positions to provide the structural support.

If the timber on my Connecta Rail Handrail gets damaged can it be recoated on site?

Yes it can. We recommend a product called Cabots Cabothane Clear in Satin finish which is available from your local hardware store. We recommend it as it blends best with our product. Follow the application instructions on the tin taking care to avoid the stainless steel components.

Your price seems expensive how is your handrail more cost effective than the competition?

Our handrail system might not appear to be the most cost effective when comparing to alternative suppliers. However you need to consider the entire job cost when comparing prices, as there are significant cost savings that occur with our product on site. Very few companies coat it like us. By supplying the timber pre-coated it eliminates the need to get a painter in on site, which depending on the size of the job that can be a substantial saving. The ease of installation of the grub grooves and the process to install is also a lot quicker than other products on the market, and that means your installation time will be less. When all these factors are taken into consideration you will find our prices are very cost effective, and much more convenient for you.

Do you provide a product warranty?

We have a warranty and maintenance schedule plus a data sheet which we send towards the end of the project to personalise it with your companies details. This allows you to include it with your other warranties for the job when you hand it over to your client.

Can you assist with helping get the right quantities for a project?

We can provide assistance to customers should you have questions on how to measure for your project. We recommend double checking with a builder before placing any orders. Depending on the project and your installer will vary on the amount of wastage. Ensure you confirm your quantities with your installer before placing your order.

Why do you use Vic Ash on Intrim Connecta Rail?

The timber component of the Intrim Connecta Rail is supplied in Victoria Ash, an Australian hardwood manufactured from high quality materials which is easy to install and light in colour, allowing for the option of darker staining. We only use select grade Vic Ash which eliminates any bad knots. As it is a natural product there will be slight variations in colour which is to be expected. We choose to use Vic Ash for several reasons. The uncertainty of supply with other hardwoods is not a concern as Vic Ash can be readily sourced in Australia providing greater certainty on lead times for our clients projects. It also provides a superior finish as it machines a lot better than other hardwoods resulting in a smooth finish, which is preferable for a handrail product. Vic Ash is also at a cost effective price point when compared to other hardwoods, and with price pressures on all projects, we aim to supply the best solution in terms of price and a quality finish.

What spacing is required between brackets on handrails?

The maximum spacing between handrails will be subject to the type of handrail. Dowel handrails & ConnectaRail with 50mm dowel = Maximum spacing 1200mm, while 40mm dowel = Maximum spacing 900mm

Do you make curved handrails?

No we no longer offer custom curved handrails. Depending on the handrail system, we have standard bends and connectors which may be suitable for your application. Talk to our product specialists about your project on 1800 622 081 to learn more.

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