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Skirting Blocks

Skirting Blocks (also known as Plinth blocks) are decorative timber blocks installed at the bottom of an architrave where it meets the skirting board. Skirting blocks are usually thicker than the architrave which enhances the look of the architrave & doorway.

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Rachael Turner talks Intrim Skirting Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should my skirting block be?

A skirting block should be wider, thicker & taller than your skirting & architrave.

What is the difference between a corner block and a skirting block?

What makes them different is the location of where they are used. The Corner is used in the top corner of a doorway. Where a skirting block is used at the join of the skirting to the architrave.

Is a plinth block the same as a skirting block?

Yes, a plinth block and a skirting block are different names for the same thing.

Where is a skirting block used?

A skirting block is used at the junction of the skirting board and architrave.

Why would I use a skirting block?

When a skirting board and architrave are different thicknesses, a skirting block is used. Skirting Blocks are also key design features for any style from Hamptons to French Provincial, Modern to Country styles.

When do you use a Skirting Block?

A skirting block is a great choice when using different profiles, thicknesses or heights for skirting and architraves. It means that the two profiles can be placed side by side without looking out of place. See the size guide below for recommendations of the right size skirting block to suit your skirting and architrave combination

Skirting blocks are also a stunning design feature in their own right, and extensively used in Hamptons, French Provincial and Edwardian / Georgian styles.

The following is a guide:

Skirting Height Architrave Width Skirting Block Size (HxW)
90mm 66mm 100x70mm
115mm 66mm 125x70mm
115mm 90mm 125x95mm
135mm 66mm 150x70mm
135mm 90mm 150x95mm
135mm 115mm 150x120mm
185mm 90mm 200x95mm
185mm 115mm 200x120mm
185mm 135mm 200x140mm
230mm 90mm 250x95mm
230mm 115mm 250x120mm
230mm 135mm 250x140mm


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