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Anti Ligature Handrail

Intrim Anti Ligature Handrail runs continuously along the full length of the handrail, without leaving a gap, to reduce ligature risk.

Why choose Intrim IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail?

These handrails are designed to be fixed using a bracket that runs continuously along the full length of the handrail, without leaving a gap, to reduce ligature risk. The rounded handrail top provides comfortable and substantial support and safety for users, and the clear coated option is hygienic and easy to clean.

The use of timber enhances the look of its surrounding environment and doubles as wall protection from traffic and wheeled beds.

Is the IHR39 Anti-Ligature Handrail suitable for health and aged care facilities?

Yes, Intrim’s natural timber IHR39 anti-ligature handrails is suitable for mental health and hospital applications where there is a risk of ligature. Crafted in Clear Precoated Vic Ash and raw Vic Ash timber. The clear coat provides antimicrobial protection as well as helps save additional time required on site for painting and drying.

  • Suitable for 9C-compliant facilities.
  • Compliant with the Australian standard AS1428 1-2009.

IHR39 122.5x91 VIC ASH

How strong is the IHR39 Anti-Ligature Handrail?

The IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail has been thoroughly weight-load tested when installed as recommended.

Intrim IHR35 Anti Ligature Handrail Weight Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Anti Ligature Handrail?

Ligature risk is anything that can be used to attach a cord, rope or other material for hanging or strangulation, including ceiling pipes, shower rails, and handrails. In mental health facilities where this is a higher risk of patient self harm, anti ligature products such as the Intrim IHR39 Handrail are used to reduce the risk. The handrail is constructed with one continuous length with no exposed gaps , brackets or supports.

Is the IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail available to pre-cut to length and assemble?

Yes, we can cut to your requirements and assemble.

How often should the IHR39 Anti Ligature handrail be fixed to the wall frame?

Maximum of 600mm centres.

Can I paint or stain the IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail?

We sure can for large commercial orders that meet the minimum order quantity. We offer four lovely colours to enhance the look of your interior. Select from our beautiful range of Teak, Walnut, Maple and Black. Ask our team when you make your enquiry if your quantity is sufficient for custom staining.

Can I change the dimensions of the IHR39 Anti Ligature handrail?

No, not from the standard offering. The design is specifically made to suit Australian standards.

What materials will I need to install the IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail?

Screws to suit timber and timber plugs.

Do you provide a product warranty?

We have a warranty and maintenance schedule plus a data sheet which we send towards the end of the project to personalise it with your companies details. This allows you to include it with your other warranties for the job when you hand it over to your client.

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