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Intrim® Casa Trim Wall & Ceiling Batten WB42A + WB42B

Modern Contemporary / Art Deco


As seen in Three Birds Renovations House 15 Modern Mallorca. See it here.

Intrim® Casa Trim Wall Battens WB42a and WB42b are a 2-piece decorative timber wall batten or ceiling batten.

Create stunning visual impact to a room, the battens create a visual optical effect of making a room feel longer or taller, depending on whether they are installed on the ceiling or walls.

Available in one size: WB42b is 122mm wide, and 25mm thick, while WB42a is 135mm wide and 25mm thick. When installed the overall finished size of the 2 pieces together is 250mm.

Available in FJ Pine Primed, ready for a light sand and paint to your chosen colour. We do not offer this in MDF due to the weight and flexibility of MDF.

This product suits a variety of styles and is only limited by your imagination. You can order a sample or order a box of samples used from the Three Birds Renovations House 15 projects here


Three Birds Renovations House 15


Available in:

  • 122mm wide x 25mm thick x 5400mm length
  • 135mm wide x 25mm thick x 5400mm length
  • FJ Pine Primed
Materials & finishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a wall batten and a lining board?

Lining boards provide full coverage of a wall, with each board clipping together seamlessly with a tongue and groove system. Wall battens do not have a tongue and groove to join them together, and are generally used with spaces between them.

Can you make custom sizes of wall battens?

There is a range of sizes already available (see below) if this does not suit your needs please contact us.
  • 42mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 90mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 90mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 115mm wide x 12mm thick
  • 115mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 185mm wide x 12mm thick

Where would I use wall battens?

Predominately wall or ceiling applications

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