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French Provincial

French Provincial interior design style combines ornate furnishings with fine linens & gentle tones framed with an overload of ornate, decorative timber mouldings to create the perfect oh-la-la interior. Check out our Selections in a Box range to find your perfect style.


French Provincial, French Country & Parisian Chic. Learn more about each style variant here.

French Provincial

What is a French Provincial style house?

French Provincial style is inspired by the provincial homes found in the French countryside during the 17th and 18th centuries.

French Provincial homes exudes charm, elegance, and a sense of rustic beauty. It combines the simplicity of rural French living with refined details and craftsmanship.

How to achieve French provincial interior design?

To achieve a French Provincial style interior design, follow these key elements and guidelines:

  1. Colour Palette: Use a soft and muted colour palette inspired by the French countryside. Opt for hues like creams, beiges, light blues, gentle yellows, and soft greens. These colours create a calming and elegant ambience.
  2. Furniture: Choose furniture with a formal and refined appearance. Look for pieces with ornate carvings, curved legs, and intricate detailing. Dark woods like mahogany or walnut are common choices. Upholster furniture with luxurious fabrics such as silk or velvet in muted tones or floral patterns.
  3. Upholstery and Drapery: Incorporate textiles that exude elegance and charm. Select upholstery and drapery fabrics with floral motifs, toile patterns, or delicate stripes. Consider using a mix of fabrics like silk, linen, and chenille to add texture and depth to the space.
  4. Decorative Details: Add ornate details and decorative accents to capture the French Provincial style. Look for crown mouldings, ceiling medallions, and intricate trims. Incorporate wrought iron elements, such as light fixtures, candle holders, or decorative grilles. Display crystal chandeliers or elegant sconces for a touch of sophistication.
  5. Natural Materials: Integrate natural materials to enhance the rustic charm of the style. Exposed wooden beams, stone or brick accents, and natural stone or tile flooring add warmth and character. Incorporate elements like wicker baskets, ceramic pottery, and dried flowers to bring the outdoors inside.
  6. Textured Walls: Consider using textured finishes on the walls to add depth and visual interest. Techniques like Venetian plaster or faux finishes can create an aged and weathered look, reminiscent of old French homes.
  7. Window Treatments: Dress windows with soft and flowing curtains or drapes in light fabrics like sheer or linen. Use valances or cornices for an added touch of elegance. Consider adding decorative tiebacks or tassels to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  8. Accessories: Choose accessories that evoke the French countryside and showcase an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Display antique or vintage pieces, such as clocks, candle holders, and porcelain figurines. Incorporate delicate floral arrangements, vintage books, and decorative trays to add charm and personality to the space.
  9. Lighting: Opt for soft and warm lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Choose chandeliers with crystal accents or wrought iron details. Add table lamps with fabric shades or sconces with intricate designs to illuminate specific areas.
  10. Decorative mouldings: Timber mouldings are an extensive feature in French-style homes. Very ornate and decoratively detailed mouldings are showcased around fireplaces, on walls and as beautiful cornices, curved architrave windows and large decorative skirting boards and skirting blocks.

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French Country

French country style is inspired by the rural homes of France. This style is known for its casual and relaxed look, featuring a mix of rustic and refined elements. French country homes feature stone or stucco exteriors, a mix of textures and patterns, and natural materials such as wood and stone. The interiors of French country homes are often bright and airy, with a mix of rustic and elegant furniture, cosy fabrics, neutral colours such asĀ white, beige, grey and fadedĀ red, green, blue, and yellow and natural accents such as flowers and herbs.

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Parisian Chic

Parisian chic style houses are inspired by the elegant and sophisticated interiors of Parisian apartments and homes and are the ā€˜cityā€™ version of the French style interior thatĀ encompasses a more modern, sleek look with the addition of a vintage eclectic twist. You would be more likely to see whiter, cleaner interiors, less styling and more wrought iron and rustic metal finishes in Parisian chic houses. Along with luxurious fabric, neutral colours, and vintage elements, this style also featuresĀ ornate details such as timber mouldings as cornices, skirtings, wainscoting and architraves that add toĀ the overall elegance and sophistication of the space.

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Mastertons Home

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my samples to arrive?

Samples orders are processed as a standard order. If the sample is available in stock, it will be sent to you within the week of ordering. If the sample is out of stock there may be a delay that may result in us holding the order for the new production run of the profile or we may 3D print the sample.

Is Wainscoting expensive?

Depending on the method used wainscoting can be expensive. Traditionally it would be installed using a method called ā€˜raised panelā€™ wainscoting, where boards (usually MDF sheets) and battens are installed on the walls to create depth by projecting from the wall. The inlay mould is then installed around the inside lip of these raised board panels. This will give you a traditional Hamptons look and will be beautiful, but it also adds additional cost. This method requires more material and it is much more labour intensive. So how can you combat this? The alternative method of installation is the direct wall application, where for want of a better explanation, you ā€˜stickā€™ or install the inlay mould in the ā€˜framesā€™ directly to your wall. Usually, these are nailed on, but we also have DIY wainscoting kits so you can install them yourself (saving even more cash) by simply sticking them on the wall.

What style of skirting is right for you?

What style of skirting is right for you? Determine your style is a great place to start.

Contemporary or period?

In modern homes often a plain, minimalist skirting board without intricate detail will work.

But it is possible that a period style will too, especially when great care is taken with its colour and by teaming it with the right furniture and furnishings.

It is important to note though that this will not apply in the reverse scenario, i.e. a contemporary skirting in a period home, because they mostly have other features such as door or wall trims and dado rails that must be matched.

It is all about getting the balance right! Ā 

Take for example Georgian and Victorian style homes. These mostly have tall and airy rooms ā€“ some up to 3 metres – which will accommodate high and more ornate skirtings.

Then Edwardian homes, which are not quite so spacious. Or the contemporary home with a 2.4 metre ceiling height. Skirtings for these must be kept in proportion, not only with the height of the ceilings but the size of the room.

Skirting styles cannot be mixed and matched in different rooms, adjacent corridors and certainly not in the same room! Some traditional or period style skirtings have such distinctive ridges and mouldings that this would not be possible anyway.

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