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Timber mouldings is a popular feature in country and farmhouse-style homes as they add a touch of warmth, texture, and character to the interior design. Check out our Selections in a Box range to find your perfect style.


Country/Farmhouse styles include Ranch, Cottage, Barn and Modern Farmhouse. Learn more about each style variant here.


Originating in the USA in 1920 Ranch style home is a type of single-story house that is typically characterized by its long, low profile and simple, open floor plan. Ranch homes often feature a U-shaped or L-shaped layout, with a central living area and bedrooms located on one side of the house. Many ranch homes are designed to take advantage of natural light and provide easy access to outdoor living spaces. They often have vaulted ceilings, and large windows and use natural materials. We see Australian Ranch style homes in rural settings around Australia.

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Cottagestyle homes are typically small to mediumsized houses that are designed to be cosy, comfortable, and full of character. Originating in England in the 19th century they are still popular all over the world and are found all over Australia. Some of the common features of cottagestyle homes include steeply pitched roofs, large windows for natural sunlight, cosy, inviting interiors with exposed beams, wood panelling, and other natural materials. The use of timber mouldings for skirting, architraves, cornice mould and lining boards complements the natural materials used in the interiors.

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Barn-style houses resemble a traditional barns, both inside and out. The exterior of Barn style houses often features a simple, rectangular shape with a steeply pitched roof, sliding doors and large windows. In traditional barn styles, you will also see dormer windows or cupolas.  

The interior of barn-style houses is often characterized by an open floor plan, with a large central living space that combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Barn-style houses feature rustic design elements such as exposed beams, natural wood finishes, and stone accents. Timber mouldings are often used in barn-style houses to enhance the rustic and natural character of the interior design. Wall and ceiling panels and battens are used commonly to achieve this style with Intrim VJ Board Pro a popular choice.

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Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style is a contemporary take on traditional farmhouse design. This style carries the elements of farmhouse style like natural materials, natural colour palette, vintage and rustic look and uncomplicated design with a twist of modern and minimalistic elements to give it a bit less rustic and more sophisticated look. Timber mouldings are often used to frame windows and doors including using timber to create window sill, and architraves, coffered ceilings are often created using timber mouldings to give depth to the room. Apart from skirtings and cornices, other commonly used mouldings in the modern farmhouse style are panelling on walls and ceilings used in the kitchen and bathrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best heights for my skirting and widths for my architrave?

How to choose the right size skirting boards? First, decide what you are wanting to achieve in your home build, addition or renovation. These are some factors to keep in mind…….

1) Space. A commonly held belief is that large skirting boards can only be used in big rooms with high ceilings. But if you are wanting to create a cosy space, a higher-than-normal skirting is something you can experiment with. Similarly, to create an impression of extra spaciousness you can keep the skirtings smaller in a large area. Ask our team to show you some sample decors.

2) Height. A good starting point is the following chart:

Ceiling Height Complimentary Skirting Sizes
To 2.4m 90-135mm
To 2.7m 115-185mm
To 3.0m 135-230mm
To 3.6m 185mm+

The above are suggestions only. Any skirting 185mm high or more we consider to be large skirtings. 185mm suits most new homes. A more “busy” profile generally looks better in a room with more space available. In a smaller room – if you are using a high-profile style – we would recommend a design with more “breathing space”, i.e. with 50% of flat space in its profile.

Think about what you want to achieve. Do you want a dramatic effect, a cosy space or just to open your room out?

Do you want the skirtings to stand out as a piece of architectural art, or do you want to just enhance the décor of your room?

What style of skirting is right for you?

What style of skirting is right for you? Determine your style is a great place to start.

Contemporary or period?

In modern homes often a plain, minimalist skirting board without intricate detail will work.

But it is possible that a period style will too, especially when great care is taken with its colour and by teaming it with the right furniture and furnishings.

It is important to note though that this will not apply in the reverse scenario, i.e. a contemporary skirting in a period home, because they mostly have other features such as door or wall trims and dado rails that must be matched.

It is all about getting the balance right!  

Take for example Georgian and Victorian style homes. These mostly have tall and airy rooms – some up to 3 metres – which will accommodate high and more ornate skirtings.

Then Edwardian homes, which are not quite so spacious. Or the contemporary home with a 2.4 metre ceiling height. Skirtings for these must be kept in proportion, not only with the height of the ceilings but the size of the room.

Skirting styles cannot be mixed and matched in different rooms, adjacent corridors and certainly not in the same room! Some traditional or period style skirtings have such distinctive ridges and mouldings that this would not be possible anyway.

How do I request a quote?

Once you have received your quote and would like to go ahead. Simply let us know via email at or phone us at 1800 622 081

How long does it take for my samples to arrive?

Samples orders are processed as a standard order. If the sample is available in stock, it will be sent to you within the week of ordering. If the sample is out of stock there may be a delay that may result in us holding the order for the new production run of the profile or we may 3D print the sample.

What style do I select to match my picture rail to my other mouldings?

You can use the style selector guide on our website. A profile with similar details to your picture rail will go together nicely but it really is down to personal preference.

Should I choose VJ boards or plasterboard?

Intrim VJ Board Pro sheets are more durable and versatile than traditional plasterboard and are also extremely cost-effective due to their relatively low installation costs. The plasterboard on the other hand is easily damaged and can be difficult to repair. VJ board panelling can be used as an alternative to plasterboard for wall linings or ceiling linings, or it can be applied directly over existing walls to create a beautiful interior design element, elevating the look of the room.

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