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The interior mouldings for Hamptons style are typically high skirting boards with big rounded profile features and beautiful wall wainscoting. Check out our Selections in a Box range to get the perfect style for you.

Hamptons ‘Selections in a Box’. Making selecting your Hamptons timber mouldings simple

At Intrim our vision is to ensure a beautiful interior space is within the reach of every Australian. Plain walls with small plain skirting & architraves are boring. We believe no one deserves to live in a sterile white box! Our goal is to help make it simple to make your interior spectacular with big, bold & beautiful timber mouldings, wall and ceiling panelling.  Helping you achieve your design vision and turning your house into a home is what drives us.  That is why we have partnered with Natalee Bowen from Indah Island, a renowned interior designer and TV presenter. Natalee has developed the Hamptons “Selections in a Box”, a curated collection of 5 Hamptons styles with 3 curated collections per style, to make selecting your timber mouldings easy.

Introducing Hamptons Selections in a Box

7 Easy Steps to create your Hamptons Dream Home

1 Select your preferred style

Browse the 5 styles of Hamptons;

  1. Classic
  2. Country
  3. Coastal
  4. Tropical
  5. Modern.

Select your preferred style

2 Select your preferred curated collection within that style

Within each style. You have the choice of 3 carefully curated collections. Each collection has a different selection of each type of timber moulding profile to allow you to achieve different looks within the style. The profile’s shape and size greatly impact the appearance.

3 Order Samples to confirm your mouldings selection

Each of the 15 collections (3 per style) is available to order. Add the sample to the cart from the individual collections page, then check out your cart. Each ‘selections in a box’ are packed into a protective sample box to ensure they arrive looking amazing to pop straight onto your flat lay boards.

The collections vary in price depending on the number of samples in the collection. Each additional sample is available for $5. This means the price of the selections in a box ranges from $20-$35. You can order additional samples to your collections order at the same time from the product pages on the website, just add them to the cart at the same time and check them out together.

4 Select your profile sizes & layout

Creating the right balance and scale for the size of your timber moulding in your rooms is recommended in the table below based on your ceiling heights. There is no hard & fast rule, however, this guide provides Natalee’s recommendations.

Skirting / Architraves Size Selector
Ceiling Height 2.4M 2.7M <2.7M
Skirting Size 135mm 185mm 230mm
Architraves Size 90mm 90mm 135mm

When it comes to selecting the layout, such as whether you do lower wall, both lower & upper wall Wainscoting or even Panel in panel Wainscoting. The size, position, and colour scheme of wall panellings, along with ceiling treatments such as coffered ceilings or VJ panelling on ceilings can all impact the look. Explore the style pages for ideas on layouts you can achieve. You can mix and match the profiles with most combinations of layouts to achieve different effects.

5 Which rooms should I add Wainscoting or Wall Panelling to?

There is no hard & fast rule of what room you can apply Wainscoting or Wall Panelling to. Entrance, hallways and staircases are a very popular first choice, followed by main living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and master bedrooms. Maintaining consistency with your Skirting & architraves in the rooms without these features will tie the look together.

6 Advise your builder of your Intrim mouldings selection for pricing

Provide your builder with your preferred selections and sizes, along with the layout of the Wainscoting, or wall panelling to ensure they deliver your vision. Don’t compromise, insist on Intrim with your builder. We will supply them a quote for the material supply directly, and they will calculate the labour and provide you completed installed price. Alternatively, we can supply directly or via our nationwide reseller network subject to your location.

7 Building your dream Hamptons home

Watch your Hampton’s dream home or renovation take shape as your Hampton’s “selections in a box” choices create your spectacular interior. Share your house-proud moments, with us and other Hampton’s lovers around Australia simply tag us on Instagram or Facebook #intrimgroup

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my samples to arrive?

Samples orders are processed as a standard order. If the sample is available in stock, it will be sent to you within the week of ordering. If the sample is out of stock there may be a delay that may result in us holding the order for the new production run of the profile or we may 3D print the sample.

Is Wainscoting expensive?

Depending on the method used wainscoting can be expensive. Traditionally it would be installed using a method called ‘raised panel’ wainscoting, where boards (usually MDF sheets) and battens are installed on the walls to create depth by projecting from the wall. The inlay mould is then installed around the inside lip of these raised board panels. This will give you a traditional Hamptons look and will be beautiful, but it also adds additional cost. This method requires more material and it is much more labour intensive. So how can you combat this? The alternative method of installation is the direct wall application, where for want of a better explanation, you ‘stick’ or install the inlay mould in the ‘frames’ directly to your wall. Usually, these are nailed on, but we also have DIY wainscoting kits so you can install them yourself (saving even more cash) by simply sticking them on the wall.

When do you use a Skirting Block?

A skirting block is a great choice when using different profiles, thicknesses or heights for skirting and architraves. It means that the two profiles can be placed side by side without looking out of place. See the size guide below for recommendations of the right size skirting block to suit your skirting and architrave combination

Skirting blocks are also a stunning design feature in their own right, and extensively used in Hamptons, French Provincial and Edwardian / Georgian styles.

The following is a guide:

Skirting Height Architrave Width Skirting Block Size (HxW)
90mm 66mm 100x70mm
115mm 66mm 125x70mm
115mm 90mm 125x95mm
135mm 66mm 150x70mm
135mm 90mm 150x95mm
135mm 115mm 150x120mm
185mm 90mm 200x95mm
185mm 115mm 200x120mm
185mm 135mm 200x140mm
230mm 90mm 250x95mm
230mm 115mm 250x120mm
230mm 135mm 250x140mm


How to install raised panel vs recessed panel wainscoting?

Raised panel wainscoting is where the inlay mould is fixed directly to the wall to create a multi ‘picture frame’ across the wall look. This is a relatively simple, cost-effective method. Step-by-step details are contained in this guide. You can use the inlay mould with or without a chair rail and have the flexibility to apply the ‘frame’ look to the entire wall, by creating different-sized frames up the wall. There are a number of ways you can install this panelling. If you want to use a chair rail it is best to begin by installing your skirting board and chair rail. The skirting board and chair rail will be used as a guide to determine your spacing, so ensure these are installed level.  Recessed panel wainscoting is the traditional Hamptons or American style influence. There are quite a few more steps involved in the process which require a higher budget and skill set and are generally left to a carpenter or builder. 

Why would I use a skirting block?

When a skirting board and architrave are different thicknesses, a skirting block is used. Skirting Blocks are also key design features for any style from Hamptons to French Provincial, Modern to Country styles.

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