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VJ Wall Panelling

Intrimā€™s VJ Board Pro which creates VJ panelling system has been machined with precision and is the same high quality you expect to see in all of our mouldings. Crafted from Australian Premium Grade High Moisture Resistant MDF, our VJ panelling sheeting is quick and easy to install for master craftsman and DIY home installers alike.

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VJ Board Design Options

Cover an entire wall to give a relaxed country or Hamptons vibe or run it horizontally for a shiplap look for coastal-style homes. You can apply easily over the top of existing wall linings to create feature walls, or cover a whole interior. Apply to part of a wall and top with chair rail / Dado rail for a beadboard finish, ideal for hallways. The options are endless!


Beadboard is a form of wainscoting where narrow vertical lining boards or VJ boards are positioned alongside one another with grooves (also known as beads) installed between each board.Ā  This style works perfectly in a country-style home adding charm and detail.



Shiplap is another wainscoting style where the VJ Boards are run horizontally to create a cleaner more modern look.


The face of the sheets on the Intrim VJ Board Pro is coated and sealed with a superior quality Readi-coate primer so you need only apply your selected paint top coats. The primer is applied mechanically to ensure even and uniform thickness over the surface, giving you the best finish available. The primer is an environmentally friendly waterborne thermoset primer containing no toxic constituents. As it is a thermoset primer it has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance qualities and is suitable with a large variety of topcoats (including those containing solvents).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VJ Panelling?

VJ panelling refers to a type of wall panelling commonly found in Australian homes. "VJ" stands for "vertical joint," which refers to the vertical lines created by the panelling. They are typically made from timber boards installed vertically on walls to create a decorative and textured look. It is a traditional form of wall cladding that adds character and visual interest to interior spaces. The panels are usually tongue-and-groove boards, where the tongue of one board fits into the groove of the adjacent board, creating a tight and seamless connection. Talk to our sales team to find out more about Intrim VJ wall panelling on 1800 622 081

Can I use VJ Board Pro in bathrooms?

We donā€™t recommend using VJ Board in wet areas or areas exposed to a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms. MDF products donā€™t expand or contract like real wood does, meaning that itā€™s more susceptible to moisture damage if water is allowed to penetrate the surface (as is commonplace in a bathroom). All our VJ sheets are standard MRMDF. There are many other products appropriate for use in the bathroom such as Intrims range of Lining Boards, which when run vertically provide the VJ Board appearance. You can our primed FJ pine LB03 or LB06 Intrim Lining Boards.

Is VJ panelling waterproof?

No, VJ Board Pro is made using a general purpose Moisture Resistant Medium-density fibreboard (MDF). MR MDF is not recommended for areas that are going to be exposed to a lot of moisture such as external applications or wet areas such as bathrooms. A High Moisture resistant MDF (UHMR MDF) would be required for those areas. There are other VJ Board Panelling systems on the market that claim to be waterproof such as for external areas exposed to the elements. These products use other substrate materials that are more suitable for wet areas, however, the finish isnā€™t as attractive as VJ Board Pro, and the cost is significantly higher. Get the VJ Board look for a wet area through Intrims range of lining boards such asĀ LB03. These narrower panels clip together and create the same effect of Vertical Joint wall panelling. Select the Primed FJ Pine option for wet areas,Ā  they provide a beautiful finish and can be easier for an installer in smaller ticky bathrooms compared to the larger VJ panel sheets.

Do I have to use plasterboard or can I install this directly to the studs?

VJ Board Pro is designed to be able to be used instead of plasterboard, and can be installed directly to the studs. You can however also install it over existing plasterboard if renovating, just consider removing your skirting boards first due to the thickness of the board.

Can I use VJ Board Pro on the ceiling?

Yes, VJ Board pro is an ideal product for both walls & ceilings. Coming in long 5.4m lengths it is a popular choice for ceilings. See it used here in Front Porch Properties Rachael Turner's Burleigh Beach Shack.

What glue do we recommend for installations on ceiling?

For ceiling applications use the Intrim Ultra intensive.

How thick is a VJ board?

VJ board sheets are usually 9 millimetres thick and Intrimā€™s VJ Board is 1214mm wide. They are available in standard lengths of 2420, 3020, and 3620 and the special length of 5400mm which is perfect for ceilings or tall walls.

Should I choose VJ boards or plasterboard?

Intrim VJ Board Pro sheets are more durable and versatile than traditional plasterboard and are also extremely cost-effective due to their relatively low installation costs. The plasterboard on the other hand is easily damaged and can be difficult to repair. VJ board panelling can be used as an alternative to plasterboard for wall linings or ceiling linings, or it can be applied directly over existing walls to create a beautiful interior design element, elevating the look of the room.

Can we order a custom groove width?

No, there is the option for 100 or 150 only.

Is your VJ Board fire rated?

Intrim VJ Board Pro is made using general purpose Moisture Resistant Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) which is not fire rated. However, Fire rated VJ board can be produced on demand in some cases, depending upon the quantity of the order and will have a longer than usual lead time. Talk to one of our sales representatives to discuss your requirement on 1800 622 081 or contact usĀ 

What is the difference between VJ Boards & Lining Boards?

To find out all the differences between VJ Board and Lining Boards see our blog.

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