20th May 2020

How to Create a Hamptons Interior on a Budget

Hamptons is a style we have all come to know and love, and no matter how you design or style your home, it is guaranteed that there will be some Hamptons style elements creeping in.

Traditional Hamptons is very classic and elaborate, which can mean ‘expensive,’ so we’ve prepared some simple tips and mouldings cheats to create and style your own Hamptons inspired home on a budget.

Skirting & Architraves

Timber mouldings are and big part of a Hamptons home and a design element that should not be overlooked. Traditionally you would see very thick skirting and architraves with big, rolling round sections and beautiful detailed designing. The thicker the skirting, the more timber is required to craft it, which means the greater the cost – but we have a special hack to shave your expense without compromising on style!

These are two of our most popular Hamptons profiles. Many people who are not budget conscious choose the SK497 skirting board profile (one of the left). You can see it has deep, round sections and is very substantial. When installed, it makes such a statement and commands attention, but what happens when this is out of budget?? We created the alternative SK945B (profile on the right). As you can see, this little fella is a very close replica of the SK497, but when you turn them on their side profile, the width is significantly less. What does that mean? Less cost.

When looking at an average sized house, installing popular size mouldings of 185mm skirting and 90mm architraves in primed pine timber you can save an average of 26% by choosing the 18mm profile… meaning you can cut your mouldings cost but ¼ JUST by choosing the thinner profile! NO compromise on look, style or quality.

Can you pick which one is which?


Three Birds Renovations, Office HQ                                                                           Property Photography by Carole Marg, Caco Photography


Wainscoting wall panelling is another ‘must have’ Hamptons feature. Traditionally it would be installed using a method called ‘raised panel’ wainscoting, where boards (usually MDF sheets) and battens are installed on the walls to create depth by projecting from the wall. The inlay mould is then installed around the inside lip of these raised board panels. You can see a progress shot below which demonstrates this perfectly.

This will give you a traditional Hamptons look, and will be beautiful, but it also adds additional cost. This method requires more material and it is much more labour intensive. So how can you combat this? The alternative method of installation is the direct wall application, where for want of a better explanation, you ‘stick’ or install the inlay mould in the ‘frames’ directly to your wall. Usually these are nailed on, but we also have DIY wainscoting kits so you can install yourself (saving even more cash) by simply sticking on the wall. You can read more about our DIY Wainscoting here.

There is no denying that wall panelling and wainscoting elevates the look of any any home.


Changing the colour of your rooms is a great place to start in setting the scene for a Hamptons inspired home, for a relatively small cost. If you are installing new skirting and wainscoting, you will have to paint anyway, so now might be time to tackle a repaint. Choosing soft shades of blues or greens, neutral greys and warm whites will keep you on Hamptons style.

Rugs, Cushions & Throws

These elements are all important in a Hamptons style home and are relatively inexpensive for the transformation they can make.

An oversize, rectangular floor rug with texture or subtle patterns is the first go-to for a Hamptons home. Heavy, textured wool or woven materials work best. Try keep the colours neutral or tie them in with the colours used in cushions or throws.

Try a mix of sizes and shapes of plump cushions and add a soft throw whether that be on a bed, lounges or window seat.

Stick to traditional Hamptons colours such as blue, navy, white, duck egg and whites, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns such as paisley, stripes and plain while keeping them all in the same colour scheme.

Let there be Light

A room which is light and airy is typical of a Hamptons home too, so you can enhance your current room by adding oversize mirrors which help open a space and bounce light around the room, giving the impression of a light filled space.

If you’re room is still dark and needs a little more, lamps are a cost effective way to add more light to the room. Try keep them in neutral colours and try interesting designs for bases, in neutral, bronze or gold.


Choosing natural accents, especially those that are synonymous with the sea are perfect styling items for a Hamptons home. These could include driftwood, woven baskets and rattan pieces and coral.

Ginger jars are the most well known styling item in a Hamptons home and they just look beautiful.

Don’t be afraid also to use florals and plants, such as orchids, they look wonderful and lift the mood in a room.

Tackling a renovation or room update can feel daunting, but if you start by replacing one thing at a time and stick with these cosmetic reno suggestions and styling advice, you will have your Hamptons oasis created in no time!