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Wall & Ceiling Panelling

Intrim provides a wide range of timber wall and ceiling panelling solutions, including options like timber mouldings for crafting Wainscoting, wall battens, lining boards, and expansive VJ wall panelling sheets. We also offer decorative timber wall panels, allowing for elegant designs. Whether you prefer classic, modern contemporary, Hamptons, or coastal aesthetics, our unique collection ensures that we have a fitting wall panelling solution for every style. Explore our range of styles to discover the perfect timber panelling and decorative wall panels for your home.

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Wainscoting wall panelling is a decorative wall panelling created using timber mouldings. Frame & panel, flat panel, recessed, board & batten, shaker panel, frame panel, and beadboard are all variations of Wainscoting.

VJ Wall Panelling

Intrim’s VJ Board Pro which creates VJ panelling system has been machined with precision and is the same high quality you expect to see in all of our mouldings. Crafted from Australian Premium Grade High Moisture Resistant MDF, our VJ panelling sheeting is quick and easy to install for master craftsman and DIY home installers alike.

Lining Boards

Lining Boards wall panelling are timber boards featuring a tongue and groove that slide together to create a solid wall. Applied vertically & crowned with a chair rail for a Beadboard Wainscoting or applied horizontally for a Shiplap look.

Casa Trim Wall Battens

Intrim Casa Trim Wall Battens are timber battens with a chamfered edge attached to a wall or ceiling in a linear pattern to create a timber panel feature wall. Used in Board and Batten Wainscoting.

Decorative Ceiling Beams

Decorative Beam Wraps create the look of a solid timber beam without the cost. Ideal for covering structural beams or creating a country style appearance. Or create the look of beams with the range of Intrim Casa Trim Wall & Ceiling Battens.

DIY Wainscoting Kits

DIY Wainscoting Kits are the ideal choice when on a tight budget, and don’t have all the tools. Achieve the character and class of Wainscoting using prepared ‘stick to the wall’ kit that you can do it yourself.


Concave is a timber moulding used in panelling a wall or other surface. With a semi-circle removed from the batten it creates a decorative scallop.

Half Rounds

Half Rounds mouldings have a little cut-out on the back with a half-circle shape. Placed side by side to create panelling for a wall or other surface, they are the opposite of the concave moulding.

Frequently asked questions

Is wainscoting modern?

Wainscoting is versatile and can be used in many different ways depending on style and can work fabulously in a modern space or home. Modern wainscoting styles provide interiors’ with greater dimension and refined detail, creating a sophisticated, elegant home environment. Wainscoting also offers a framed feature to display keepsakes and picture frames and is a cost-effective method to hide damaged plasterboard and increase the durability of interior walls.

Is Wainscoting expensive?

Depending on the method used wainscoting can be expensive. Traditionally it would be installed using a method called ‘raised panel’ wainscoting, where boards (usually MDF sheets) and battens are installed on the walls to create depth by projecting from the wall. The inlay mould is then installed around the inside lip of these raised board panels. This will give you a traditional Hamptons look and will be beautiful, but it also adds additional cost. This method requires more material and it is much more labour intensive. So how can you combat this? The alternative method of installation is the direct wall application, where for want of a better explanation, you ‘stick’ or install the inlay mould in the ‘frames’ directly to your wall. Usually, these are nailed on, but we also have DIY wainscoting kits so you can install them yourself (saving even more cash) by simply sticking them on the wall.

Can I use VJ Board Pro on the ceiling?

Yes, VJ Board pro is an ideal product for both walls & ceilings. Coming in long 5.4m lengths it is a popular choice for ceilings. See it used here in Front Porch Properties Rachael Turner's Burleigh Beach Shack.

What is the minimum quantity you can order?

The minimum order quantity is 10 lengths. Furthermore, we always recommend increasing your order slightly to allow for any wastage or damage. It is the most cost-effective option instead of placing a top-up order if you underestimate your requirements. 

What is the difference between a wood beam and a faux wood beam?

Ceiling beams are typically solid timber or steel and provide the supporting structure to hold up the roof or flooring of the level above. A faux wood beam or Intrim non-structural beam wrap provides the look of a structural beam however is a 3 sided box ceiling beam that is hollow inside. It is purely aesthetic and has no structural support. The cost differences are substantial as solid structural timber is expensive, while the beam wrap is 3 smaller pieces that create the look. This means they are
  • Lower cost
  • Lighter weight therefore easier to install
  • You can also run writing for various electrical devices such as sound systems and lighting inside the hollow box.

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