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Timber Mouldings

As Australia’s largest premium manufacturer & supplier of interior timber mouldings, designers, builders & consumers can select from 1000’s of profiles in a range of wood species. Need more information? Read our FAQS, view the installation guide, or learn about timber mouldings.

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Chair Rail

Chair rails, also known as dado rails or surbase, are a timber moulding fixed horizontally to the walls around the room to protect walls from dents & marks from the back of chairs, also used in Wainscoting.

Dado Rail

Dado Rail also known as chair rails or surbase, are a decorative timber moulding fixed horizontally to the walls around the room at chair back height to protect walls from dents. Also used in Wainscoting

Inlay Mould

Inlay Mould is used to create a faux frame look on walls & doors by fixing them to a flat surface for raised panel Wainscoting. They can also be used as extra detailing on inset panels for recessed Wainscoting or wherever some decorative design is needed.

Picture Rail

Picture Rail is a timber moulding fixed horizontally to walls around the room to hang pictures from. It is also used to frame wall panelling or wallpaper to add depth & character to a room.

Sill Nosing

Sill Nosing is used to dress the front of your wooden or concrete window sub sills to finish your interior look. Sill Nosing is also excellent for disguising unsightly or old window sills & helps accentuate any window space.

Crown Mouldings

Crown Moulding also called Cornice Mouldings is designed to sit at an angle between the wall and ceiling but can also be integrated into the architrave over a doorway or window, as part of the mantel on a fireplace surround, or to finish the top of a column.

Door Jambs

Door Jambs are the vertical and horizontal timbers attached to the frame onto which a door is hung and secured. Intrim offers custom size jambs to save time on site, reducing the need to rip down standard size jambs.

Corner Blocks

Corner Blocks & Rosettes are decorative wooden accessories used at the intersection of two lengths of moulding forming a decorative border & adding an interesting design element.

Skirting Blocks

Skirting Blocks (also known as Plinth blocks) are decorative timber blocks installed at the bottom of an architrave where it meets the skirting board. Skirting blocks are usually thicker than the architrave which enhances the look of the architrave & doorway.


Concave is a timber moulding used in panelling a wall or other surface. With a semi-circle removed from the batten it creates a decorative scallop.

Half Rounds

Half Rounds mouldings have a little cut-out on the back with a half-circle shape. Placed side by side to create panelling for a wall or other surface, they are the opposite of the concave moulding.


Quad is a rounded profile which fits neatly into an interior corner. It is commonly used to provide a neat finish the join where floating floors meet the wall or where two wall sheets meet, hiding any irregular gaps or unsightly joins.


Ovolo is a convex timber moulding which forms the shape similar to a quarter circle or ellipse and is used as a decorative profile. Not only can it help hide gaps or messy joins in wall sheeting or against the floor, but creates a unique design feature to the area in which it is installed.


Scotia is a concave moulding which was primarily used at the base of a column but has now become much more widely used to conceal joins in wall corners and gaps between a floor and skirting board.


Skirtings are the foundation of any great room & assist in creating spectacular interior. Create a smooth transition from wall to floor & a harmonious flow throughout your project with Intrim’s extensive collection of timber skirting boards.


Architraves surround a window, door or other opening to hide the join between the wall and door or window frames. An important decorative detail that supports the architectural style and protects from knocks and bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a customer buy directly from Intrim and save?

Intrim use local distributors for selected regional areas around Australia. If a distributor is servicing a specific region (by postcode), any direct enquiries to Intrim are automatically redirected to the local distributor.

What lengths do your mouldings come in?

Most timber mouldings are produced in either FJ Pine or MDF and is supplied in lengths of 5.4M . All solid clear timber mouldings such as Victorian Ash come in random lengths. Sheet products such as VJ Board Pro are available in set lengths up to 5.4M lengths allowing you to order the length that best suits your project.

What is Wainscoting and what do I need to create it?

Wainscoting wall panelling is a decorative wall treatment that comes in a variety of styles. Wainscoting is created using timber mouldings such as inlay mould, chair rail, decorative large skirting boards and sometimes even lining boards, VJ wall panelling and other materials depending on the style of Wainscoting you are looking to create. You can learn about all the different styles and materials required to get the look on our Wainscoting page.

Does my chair rail and architrave thickness need to be the same?

No, however if your chair rail is thicker than your architrave any overhang of the chair rail would need to be champered at a 45 degree angle to finish it.

Do skirting boards have to match the architraves?

Once you have chosen the skirting board the next decision to make is about the architraves. While most people will choose the same profile – in a smaller height – it is possible to mix and match profiles to achieve a look that is both interesting and beautiful. Following are some recommendations that will help in getting the mix right: 1) Architrave widths for different door heights recommendations:
Door Height Architrave Width
2.04m 66-90mm
2.34m 90-135mm
2.70m 115mm+
2) Skirting and architrave combination recommendations:
Skirtings Architrave
90-135mm 66-90mm
115-185mm 90-115mm
185-230mm 90-115mm
230mm+ 115mm+
The most commonly used combinations are:
  • 135mm skirting with 90mm architrave
  • 185mm skirting with 90mm architrave

How much does the mouldings cost?

Our timber mouldings are priced per metre and sold in long lengths. The larger the order on our classic range the lower the price per metre as the machine setup and handling cost are spread over the larger volume. Click the price tab on any individual product page to access the price list.  If you are looking for bespoke custom mouldings, there will be an additional cost. Please call our sales team on 1800 622 081.  

What is the minimum quantity you can order?

The minimum quantity is 1 length. However, we always recommend increasing your order to allow for any wastage or damage. It is the most cost-effective option instead of placing a top-up order if you underestimate your requirements. 

What material is good for external mouldings?

What material is good for external mouldings?  We recommend for using our timber mouldings in external applications that you use either Polyurethane or primed FJ pine. Pine products will require more upkeep, whereas polyurethane provides an excellent alternative to natural timber for external use as it won’t chip, split, and will look good for years without much maintenance. Both are able to be painted with external grade paints following the instructions from the paint manufacturer. 

What paint do you recommend for wet areas?

For wet areas glossy finish is recommended because, unlike Matt which absorbs moisture, glossy paint deflects moisture due to the harder finish. Depending on your choice or requirement of gloss level you can choose from Dulux super enamel semi-gloss or Dulux super enamel high gloss. For the undercoat, we recommend Dulux professional primer sealer undercoat. 

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