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How do I choose the best heights for my skirting and widths for my architrave?

How to choose the right size skirting boards? First, decide what you are wanting to achieve in your home build, addition or renovation. These are some factors to keep in mind.

1) Space. A commonly held belief is that large skirting boards can only be used in big rooms with high ceilings. But if you are wanting to create a cosy space, a higher-than-normal skirting is something you can experiment with. Similarly, to create an impression of extra spaciousness you can keep the skirtings smaller in a large area.

2) Height. A good starting point is the following chart:

Ceiling Height Complimentary Skirting Sizes
2400 – 2700mm 135mm
2701 – 3000mm 185mm
> 3000mm 230mm

The above are suggestions only. Any skirting 185mm high or more we consider to be large skirtings. 185mm suits most new homes. A more “busy” profile generally looks better in a room with more space available. In a smaller room – if you are using a high-profile style – we would recommend a design with more “breathing space”, i.e. with 50% of flat space in its profile.

Think about what you want to achieve. Do you want a dramatic effect, a cosy space or just to open your room out?

Do you want the skirtings to stand out as a piece of architectural art, or do you want to just enhance the décor of your room?

What lengths do your mouldings come in?

Most timber mouldings are produced in either FJ Pine or MDF and is supplied in lengths of 5.4M . All solid clear timber mouldings such as Victorian Ash come in random lengths. Sheet products such as VJ Board Pro are available in set lengths up to 5.4M lengths allowing you to order the length that best suits your project.

Where is your company located?

Intrim’s head office and manufacturing is located in Picton, New South Wales, in South Western Sydney. We have displays in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Our sales team are also on the road and available to meet our commercial clients at their office.

Do you offer a measure & quote service?

Intrim is a leading mouldings manufacturer which supplies our products to you directly to install or via your appointed trade, builder or distributor. To take the hassle out of finding someone, we have a decidated preferred installers page which we update regularly to help you find someone in your local area who can assist you to measure, quote and install our products. We can provide quotes to you directly or via a distributor based on your location for direct supply. If you are working with a builder or carpenter they can secure a quote from us directly so they can provide a supply and install price for your project. If you need design advice you we are here to help and you can book a design consultation, or explore our inspirational Gallery of images or projects.

See our preferred installers here

See our how to measure guide here 

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all locations in Australia through a combination of distributors or direct. Contact us directly and we will advise based on your location.

How much will delivery cost?

Cost is based on the weight and goods you have ordered, your location, and whether you will assist the driver hand unload or require a hiab. The cost will be quoted at the time of placing your order.

How do I know the timber you use is sourced sustainably?

Here at Intrim, almost all of our products are FSC certified and we became FSC certified in January 2017. This means that you can be absolutely assured that the forests that we source the raw materials and timbers from are run on environmental, social and economic best practices.

You can read more about our FSC Certification here.

What colours can I choose for colour prefinishing?

Most timber mouldings are available raw or primed. Handrails and solid timbers are available in Antimicrobial clear lacquered, and a selection of stains.

Can I change an order once it is confirmed?

When you confirm your order we immediately get started on it, from scheduling the production timeslot, picking the timber, sharpening the cutters to make your profiles. That is all before we even start to run your job through our state of the art machinery, priming or lacquring (if ordered), packing or transporting. This is why we are unable to change your order once you have it confirmed with us and why any requests for changes will be treated as a new order.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunatley as our products are custom made to order, we cannot offer returns for unused material.

My order has some faults in the timber, what should I do?

Timber is a natural product, and as every tree has slight differences and natural features it is normal to have variations within each piece of timber. Even with care taken during manufacturing and the application of priming some of these natural timber features are still visibile and are not considered defects. This can include slight surface chip outs, rasied grain, open grain, gum vien pockets, grain splits and more. Inspecting your delivery on arrival, and planning to cut around these natural elements if they are too large to sand / fill. This is why all orders are recommended to have an allowance of 10% for skirting boards and 15% for architraves as a minimum.

See the product information guide to learn more about these characteristics.

If your order has damage, or other faults get in touch with our customer care team to assist you at or call us on 1800 622 081.

My timber moulding has bowed, what should I do?

Timber is a natural product that expands and contracts with the seasonal changes and is affected by the moisture content of the air. It is important to remember that small seasonal changes in timber are considered normal and gaps that open up during dry periods are not considered defects. You can learn more about this in our product information guide

When receiving a delivery it is recommended to allow the timber to acclimatise to the internal climate of the room prior to installation.

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