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Intrim DJ800 Shadowline® Door Jamb

Modern Coastal


Intrim DJ800 Shadowline® Door Jambs are made to fit at the top and sides of a door or window frame (to create an architrave) to match Intrim’s Shadowline Skirting Board system. We can manufacture sizes to order in your choice of FJ Pine or FJ Pine Primed timber.

Intrim’s Shadowline Door Jambs are supplied in 5.4-metre lengths.

Available in these below sizes and rebates. Enquire is you require a custom size.

Installation Video of the Intrim Shadowline Door Jamb

Available in:

  • 30mm thick x 5400mm length
  • 40mm thick x 5400mm length
  • FJ Pine
  • FJ Pine Primed
Materials & finishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Intrim 800 Series Door Jamb available in different section sizes to suit different width wall framing and plasterboard thicknesses?

Yes. We are able to manufacture these to suit any application.

At what stage of my project is the Intrim 800 Series Shadowline door jamb and skirting installed?

They are both installed prior to the plasterboard installation. Door jambs are assembled by forming mitre joints where the head joins the stiles as opposed to the traditional half joint. The door jamb is then installed and packed plumb and level. It is critical that the jamb material is centrally located over the framing material and runs parallel with the framing material so that the PVC (PLTB 630) plaster stop bead fits neatly against the door jamb material. Skirting is installed to fit tightly between the door jambs. The plasterboard sheets are then installed tight against the back face of the 800 Series door jamb and on top of 800 Series skirting. The PVC (PLTB 630) stop bead is then installed to surround the door jambs. All joints between the bottom edge of plasterboard sheeting and top edge of shadowline skirting are to be plaster set and must also include reinforcing joint paper tape when setting. Also plaster set all PVC stop beads surrounding the door jambs.

Shadowline® Door Jambs Enquiry Forms

When making an enquiry about Shadowline we will ask you for some key dimensions and information. See the forms below to capture all the measurement details required.

Do we provide a Shadowline architrave?

No, we don’t, because the DJ800 Shadowline Door Jamb that works with the SK800 Shadowline skirting board system acts as both a doorjamb and Shadowline architrave on both sides. This is also another way to save on costs.

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