30th October 2017

Creating a continuous Shadowline detail with Intrim SK342 Skirting

So you’ve fallen in love with the look of our Shadowline skirting boards and architraves but can’t install them as the plaster is already on your walls, Intrim have created a solution to give you the modern interior you are looking to achieve!

Intrim’s SK342 skirting and architrave can be installed to create a continuous shadowline detail allowing you to create the look without tearing off plaster and rebuilding your home. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Cut Skirting to length allowing for 5mm quirk from the edge of the door jamb. (Figure 1)

Step 2 – Make a square cut on the end of the architrave and butt the architrave and skirting together. Make sure you line the outside edge (groove side) of architrave with the top edge (groove side) of skirting. Mark the width of architrave, e.g. 90mm, onto the end of skirting. (Figure 2)

Step 3 – Make a 45 degree mitre cut on the end of the skirting away from the mark. (Figure 3)

Step 4 – Fix skirting in place allowing for 5mm quirk from door jamb edge. (Figure 4)

Step 5 – Make a 45 degree mitre cut on the bottom end of architrave. Check the bottom joint fits neatly onto the skirting and mark the top mitre cut on the architrave. Cut side architrave top mitre and fix in place. (Figure 5)

Step 6 – Cut 45 degree mitre cut on each end of head architrave and fix in place. (Figure 6)

Step 7 – Follow steps 1 to 5 to complete the opposite side of doorway skirting and architrave. (Figure 7)

Step 8 – Stand back and Wow !!!!!! Congratulations (Figure 8)

* Image credit solidwoodendoors.com