20th February 2019

Style your Home Modern

Modern styling in a property can encompass much more than what many people envisage of just concrete, iron and clean lines.

Traditionally modern style skirting boards and architraves were relatively plain, with clean lines and minimal detail. We are now seeing beautifully moulded architectural mouldings and skirting boards being used in modern styled homes where the styling is minimalist and modern and monotone colours are used, as in this beautiful home below.

Typically Modern

When most of us think modern styling, images of straight lines, minimal geometric patterning and monochromatic colours spring to mind. The modern style is so much more than that!

No matter which modern style takes your fancy, the Intrim Shadowline skirting board will help you achieve a stunning modern look for any home taking its inspiration from a modern trend. Some excellent uses of modern Shadowline skirting boards in homes can be seen in these incredible modern homes:


Art Deco

Known for its bold geometric shapes and clean lines, the Art Deco style reigned through the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. This style is sleek, sophisticated and beautiful, and the mouldings and trim work used in these styled home reflects this. Panelled doors, rounded corners and gloss block windows also featured.

Mid-Century Modern

Moving on from the Art Deco period in the mid 1900s saw Mid-Century modern emerge. Characterised by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes with the creative use of new materials like moulded plastic, plywood and aluminium. Skirting boards remained clean and simple with some including more rounded features in the profile.


This look is more edgy and raw than the others, which take courage to boldly peel back the layers of a home and expose what lies beneath. Exposed beams, structures and an unfinished ‘rustic’ look is typical in the industrial look.

The industrial look is achieved in this warehouse which was converted into multiple apartments below, demonstrating a typical industrial style, with a modern, sleek skirting board that finishes the look.

Urban Modern

Urban Modern stems from the modern designs used in lofts in major cities and takes cues from the cosmopolitan environment. Typically identified by a fusion of various opposing and complimentary traits. This style demands artistic and creative expression to blend geometric designs, clean lines and vintage items with traditional embellishments to create the look. There is more freedom to choose traditional fit out and skirting boards in the home and style with geometric and urban furniture, or choose more modern styled skirting boards and blend vintage and modern items in the furnishings and styling.