27th November 2018

Get the Modern Look with Shadowline Skirting

You’ve decided that a modern interior is your cup of tea, and you’re looking for some inspiration and designs to help you create the look. We’ve got you covered with some of the basics for overall room design, and what you need to do when it comes to skirting boards and mouldings.

Keep it Neutral

If you stick with whites, browns, greys and blacks, you really can’t get it wrong. These colours will always be synonymous with modern styling and are easy to bring in some key pieces as your tastes change without having to redesign your whole home. Adding pops of timber is a beautiful touch to a modern interior too.

Less is More

One sure fire way to create a modern home is taking some minimalist principles and applying them to your interior, both the design and styling. Modern homes don’t just like clean lines, but clean areas… so keep them clutter free. A good rule of thumb is “design off the floor” meaning keep your floor as free as possible and use your walls for your styling.

Add Texture, Not ‘Stuff’

Creating a wall feature with panelling and keeping it the same colour as the wall is an excellent modern twist to traditional wainscoting. Don’t be afraid to try colour blocking, pops of colours and even patterns in certain areas, as well as using textures to create your designs.

Don’t Throw Away Cozy for Contemporary

Creating a modern home doesn’t mean you have to clear a room and only have angular furniture. You can choose to have overfilled bed cushions, soft lounge throws and textured floor rugs while still creating a modern space.

Adding a throw, full cushions and a fully mat keep this contemporary bedroom packed with comfort.

Other Style Inspiration

Sometimes the word ‘modern’ is perceived as a look with stark whites or greys, glass, concrete and metals, but there are many interiors who take inspiration from other styles such as colonial, traditional and Hamptons. Strip back a more robust style and try make it modern for something fresh and edgy.

This home as real Hamptons / coastal vibe but has been striped back to show clean lines and modern features.

Don’t Forget Your Skirting Boards

Shadowline Skirting in a home is the epitome of modern. It’s the skirting board to use when you don’t want a skirting board, but want to create some beautiful detailing and depth to your interior. It achieves those clean lines and minimalist look modern interiors are looking for, without taking the limelight. It has continued to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming the most popular choice in new builds.


If you are renovating and not removing gyprock walls, you can try some similar skirting and architraves which are inspired from the clean shadowline look.

Intrim’s SK342 is a beautiful alternative for those who want a Shadowline but are fitting it during a renovation.