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Top 15 Tips to Makeover your Hallway

Find out how Timber Mouldings can transform your hallway.


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21st December 2022

Make a great first impression in your home with a hallway that is stylish and welcoming. Hallways are the heart of a home and connect different rooms and spaces together. Intrim has all the tips and tricks you could possibly need to make the most of your hallway from a variety of timber mouldings, to space savers and style hacks. Mouldings can really be the key design element, completely transforming your home and making it look and feel elegant and luxurious and all at an affordable cost. Find out Intrim’s top 15 tips to give your hallway the ultimate makeover here.

1. Skirting Boards

Give your hallway eye-catching detail by investing in decent skirting boards. If you have a large hallway you could be bold and choose a sky-high skirting board which will make your hallway feel expansive and luxurious, just like the hallway from Three Birds House 13 Australian Staycation. They used Intrim SK81 285mm skirting boards which certainly pack a punch, immediately drawing the eye. If your hallway is on the smaller side you can use skirting boards to create beautiful detail without having to worry about cluttering your hallway.

2. Curved Architraves

Curves are hot! If you want to give your hallway a facelift curved architraves are the perfect place to start. Architrave arches are purely aesthetic; they serve no load-bearing function to the wall and are not a structural element. Like all timber mouldings, they are a decorative design feature to create uniformity and tie together a style throughout the home. The design of moulding use should be consistent with the architectural style and decorate the approach you are taking for the rest of the house. Your chosen Skirting and Architraves profile shape can be used for your arch architraves. Unlike a straight moulding used for a square set, an arch moulding is created from our arch’s custom template to ensure it is an exact fit. We do not bend the timber; the timber is moulded on precision machinery to your exact shape.

In terms of what styles suit arched architraves, they work well in Hamptons, French Provincial and Contemporary styled homes.

3. Wainscoting

The walls of hallways are often narrow, boring and prone to scuffs and marks, and can be difficult to style, making them the ideal walls for wainscoting panels. A gorgeous wall feature that is also practical, wainscoting is the perfect addition to any hallway. Hallways are high-traffic areas of the home and if you have kids your hallway is sure to bare the brunt of it. Wainscoting actually works to protect your walls whilst also doubling as a beautiful wall panelling feature. Wainscoting is also available in many different styles and can be applied halfway up the wall or the full height. The impressive versatility of wainscoting means that wainscoting panels can be added to your walls at any stage! Whether your house is already built and ready for renovation is currently being built, or you’re looking to enhance the look of your hallway it’s never too late (or early) to consider wainscoting your walls. Find out more about wainscoting here.

4. VJ Board

If you’re after a country/farmhouse look for your hallway you can’t go wrong with VJ Board. VJ Board is made of tongue and groove lining boards which are a beautiful wall panelling style. Intrim’s VJ Board Pro sheets are profiled with a v-groove in one simple-to-install sheet. There are two different styles you can achieve with VJ Boards.

Beadboard Wainscoting: This is a form of wainscoting where narrow vertical lining boards or VJ boards are positioned alongside one another with grooves (also known as beads) installed between each board.  This style works perfectly in a country-style home adding charm and detail.

Shiplap Wainscoting: This is where the VJ Boards are run horizontally instead of vertically to create a cleaner more modern look.

Both looks are beautiful and work well in a hallway where they can be the true star of the space.

Find out more about VJ Boards here.

5. Chair Rail/Dado Rail

If you want to keep your hallway style simple you can always opt for chair rail/dado rail. Chair rails are a timber moulding fixed horizontally to the walls around the room to protect walls from dents & marks from the back of chairs, also used in Wainscoting. However, they can look just as good on their own. Australian interior designer Naomi Findlay decided to use chair rails in her Carrington House Reno to add simple detail without going overboard. She paired the wainscoting with grasscloth wallpaper which is a unique design feature that worked perfectly for the style of this home.

Find out more about Chair rails here.

6. Coffered ceiling

Add luxury to your hallway in the form of a coffered ceiling. Coffered ceilings are an architectural detail consisting of beams arranged in evenly spaced grid patterns, adding stunning dimension to a ceiling, whilst also creating the wonderful illusion of height.  They can be created to your desired depth (deep or shallow) as well as detail (simple or intricate) depending on your personal preferences and the style you are after. Coffered ceilings are beautiful in any room but are particularly stunning in a hallway. Coffered ceilings perfectly suit a Hamptons or French Provincial-styled home, both styles are known for opulent furnishings and mouldings.

Find out more about coffered ceilings here.

7. Hallway Space Savers

If you want to utilise space in your hallway there are plenty of ways to go about it. Inserting a bench into a little nook along your hallway could double as a storage solution. Three Birds Renovations demonstrated this in their House 14 Dream Home where they built a mud nook along the hallway. This way family/guests can take off their coats and shoes, and store them near the entrance without trailing dirt and mud throughout the home.

8. Maximise Space with a Sliding/Secret Door

Another way to maximise space in your hallway is using sliding doors. Not only do they look funky and suit many different styles but they also open up space in the hallway with light and create great flow throughout the home. Another trend that has been growing in popularity is secret/hidden doors. To get this look wainscoting is applied to the wall and door so that when closed the door is essentially hidden by the wainscoting panels. It’s a great talking point for your home and can really transform the walls of your space, providing a sense of continuity along the hallway.

9. Colour

Make your hallway pop with colour! This will completely transform the look and feel of your home. You can also create the illusion of space and light when using neutral tones like white on your walls.

Tip: If you’re worried that plain white walls will appear boring apply wainscoting. It’s an affordable option that will completely elevate the look of your home as well as offer protection from knocks and bumps.

10. Lighting

It’s important that your hallway has adequate lighting to avoid it appearing drab and dingy. However, it’s not just the lighting that needs to be taken into account. The light fixtures play an important role as well. An eye-catching light fixture (which allows plenty of light) will completely open up the hallway and add an element of luxury.

11. Flooring

It’s not just the walls that need attention in a hallway. The flooring is an essential component that needs attention. There are plenty of different flooring options available. Timber floorings look great in a Hamptons or Modern styled home and importantly are easy to clean! Tiles work well in a modern-styled home but can also suit other styles like our Potts Point project which has a Georgian-style influence that is brought out through the checked tiles. Carpet is another comfortable option that works with many different styles. Used in our Dovers Height project it adds a luxe, clean element to a home.

12. Hallway Accessories

There are so many options when it comes to adding accessories to your hallway. Depending on the size – if it’s a wider hallway you could opt for a couple of furniture pieces and plants or if size isn’t on your side you might be better off to style more minimally with a few pieces of art or photographs on the wall. Hamptons Queen Natalee Bowen created a welcoming Classic Hamptons-style hallway in her home which she layered with lamps, a side table, chairs and a hallway runner in blue and white stripes. Whilst our Cook Construction project opted for a more clean, fresh and modern look to suit the narrow width of the hallway. Whatever the size of your hallway you can create quite the impression with a few accessories.

13. Two-toned paint colour

Makeover your hallway with two-toned paint colour. This is an inexpensive way to transform your hallway and make it the focal point of your home.

Tip: If you already have wainscoting but feel like a change, paint the upper or lower section of the wall a different colour to create a look that’s fresh.

14. Make an entry with a statement door

Add a pop of colour to your entry and hallway with a statement door in a vibrant colour. First impressions count and a gorgeous door can be a great way of showing you what else is to follow.

15. Wallpaper

Have fun with your hallway and spruce it up with wallpaper! You can even pair it with wainscoting like our Eclectic Styled Northshore project which features a gold patterned wallpaper for the upper section of the wall, paired with Intrim wainscoting for the bottom. This breaks up the wall and creates something truly spectacular.

To assist you in finalising your timber mouldings selection you can order online samples from us. Samples are supplied in either raw or pre-primed finish so you can paint them to your preferred colour and add them to your Vision board. Lay flat your selections for your project and see how they look together with your other finishes.

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