30th August 2021

5 things you need to know about Coffered Ceilings

Written for Intrim Mouldings by Rachael Turner, Front Porch Properties. See more of this beautiful project here on our project gallery

What is a coffered ceiling?

Coffered ceilings are an architectural detail consisting of beams arranged in evenly spaced grid patterns which add a lovely dimension to a ceiling, also creating a wonderful illusion of height.  They can be created to your desired depth (deep or shallow) as well as detail (simple or intricate) depending on your personal preferences.


Image: Rachael Turner Cape Cod Front Porch Properties

What house styles do coffered ceilings suit?

Historically, the design is considered quite traditional and formal, but with such a great variety of architectural design these days, they can be implemented into a variety of Australian homes. Depending on the homeowners style, I would say a coffered ceiling lends itself beautifully to Hampton style homes with a more luxe coastal feel, as well as some of Australia’s more historical homes and of course it lends itself beautifully to the Cape Cod style architecture as seen in our clients gorgeous, newly completed home on the Gold Coast.


Image:  Modern Meets Classic 


Image: Jabiru Luxury Home


How are coffered ceilings built?

Coffered ceilings consist of beams and cross beams placed in a grid formation.

Initially, if you are able to, we would suggest drawing the proposed ceiling out onto a piece of paper or digitally if you are able to so you can check your dimensions thoroughly.  If your measurements are on point from the beginning, you should not encounter too much difficulty.

  • From there, we had our onsite carpentry team make up a template from which to work from to ensure we were happy with how the grid would be formed, this was made up of a “U” shaped box structure. Once we were happy with the templates, we then went ahead with putting together the actual beams themselves.
  • You will need to place battens onto the ceiling to be able to attach your beams accordingly.
  • Once all your beams are in place, for us at Front Porch Properties, it’s all in the detail, so we like to “dress up” the beams. We recommend adding a scotia moulding which really finishes off the beams beautifully.  Have your carpenter do some mitre joins to all the corners to create a beautiful finished edge
  • Once your mouldings are in place. Gap it all up and you will be ready for painting


How much do coffered ceilings cost?

Again, this is obviously size dependent, but you can work on approximately $300-$400 per square metre.  One’s cost per SQM is largely dependent on a number of elements, for example, your profiles used, the time it takes for your trade’s to install, painted finish etc. Does your builder require the coffering to be professionally drafted up for you?


What materials are required to get the look?

  • To make up the cross beams we used a 135 x 18 scalloped profile SK323 

SK323 66mm FJ Pine

  • Mixed with the pre primed 92 x 18 DAR/9218FJP

DAR PFJP 185x18mm

  • Beams are then fitted to 90 x 45 framing timber battens. For the finishing Scotia we used CM14

CM14 64mm FJ Pine


Rachael Turner is the owner of Front Porch Properties, a Brisbane based construction business that specialise in classic, timeless, American inspired renovations and new builds.