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Shadowline System

Create a modern look using Intrim’s Shadowline system. The Intrim 800 Series shadowline system eliminates the inconvenience of using a P50 angle, saving you time and money.

This modern look skirting provides a neat finish to the base of plasterboard walls. Skirting ‘steps back’ from plasterboard surface creating a distinct shadowline finish.


Shadowline Skirting

What is Shadowline?

Intrim’s Shadowline system consists of modern, negative detail skirting and door jambs for commercial and residential construction. The original 800 Series Shadowline system is designed to be installed prior to flooring and plasterboard. Where there is more flexibility and adaptability required during construction, such as flooring being laid after skirting installation, Intrim’s Two-Piece Shadowline system provides the ability to still achieve the same results.

The Shadowline system allows you to create gorgeous, modern interiors with neat, seamless finishes around walls and doors.

Shadowline vs P50 skirting

The Intrim Shadowline Series skirting and door jambs are unique to Intrim, and have been created with an emphasis on creating a neat finish, convenience and ease of installation.

We often get asked by builders and installers who have worked with the P50 system, “how strong is the join?” and “is it going to crack?”. This concern stems from what seems like an unusual partnership between timber and plaster at a join, and the worry that the two surfaces may not bond well,  be as strong or that moisture may affect the join over time. We recommend using Fiba Fuze tape which creates a strong, seamless join, without the risk of crack appearing.

When selecting our timber suppliers, we choose only the best. Our careful selection ensures that our timber is of the highest quality and the moisture content in the finished timber is tested and correct. As well as this, we rigorously test all of our timber materials to ensure they meet the high standards and specifications required for achieving ultimate strength and durability.

As an added safeguard to your project, we only offer our Shadowline System pre-primed, which provides an additional moisture barrier around the timber to further reduce moisture intake over time and potential timber changes during acclimatisation.

Shadowline Skirting Strength Test: Not even a hammer can break the join!

Why would I buy Shadowline?

With the Intrim Shadowline System, common issues experienced when using a P50 metal angle are eliminated, such as messy Shadowline grooves, misalignment and length of time to install. Intrim’s Shadowline saves 30% time on install over other Shadowline products and install methods.

This ease of installation experienced with the Shadowline system and the neat finish saves time on rectifying defects that commonly occur, resulting in faster, high-quality projects with fewer costs.

Not only does the Shadowline save on time and money, but it also achieves a stunning, neat finish that creates phenomenal residential and commercial interiors.

Shadowline sizes & availability

Intrim Shadowline System door jambs are available to suit 70mm and 90mm stud widths and available in 30mm and 40mm thicknesses. Shadowline Skirting Board is available to suit 10mm and 13mm plasterboard thickness.

Many skirting heights are available and we can also manufacture custom sizes to suit your project. When choosing the height of your Shadowline Skirting Board, please be mindful that the Shadowline itself sits 35mm down from the overall height of the timber.

We offer both a 10mm Shadowline groove and a 5mm Shadowline groove to suit your particular project.

Frequently asked questions

At what stage of my project is the Intrim 800 Series Shadowline door jamb and skirting installed?

They are both installed prior to the plasterboard installation. Door jambs are assembled by forming mitre joints where the head joins the stiles as opposed to the traditional half joint.

The door jamb is then installed and packed plumb and level. It is critical that the jamb material is centrally located over the framing material and runs parallel with the framing material so that the PVC (PLTB 630) plaster stop bead fits neatly against the door jamb material.

Skirting is installed to fit tightly between the door jambs.

The plasterboard sheets are then installed tight against the back face of the 800 Series door jamb and on top of 800 Series skirting.

The PVC (PLTB 630) stop bead is then installed to surround the door jambs. All joints between the bottom edge of plasterboard sheeting and top edge of shadowline skirting are to be plaster set and must also include reinforcing joint paper tape when setting. Also plaster set all PVC stop beads surrounding the door jambs.

What if my flooring needs to be installed after gyprock installed?

Intrim’s Two Piece Shadowline SK801-802 and SK803- 804 systems have been created to solve this problem! It allows for removal of the bottom piece of skirting so that flooring can be installed and then the Shadowline skirting piece replaced and fixed in place over the top of the flooring.

Is the Intrim 800 Series Door Jamb available in different section sizes to suit different width wall framing and plasterboard thicknesses?

Yes. We are able to manufacture these to suit any application.

Is Shadowline 800 Series skirting suitable for carpet and timber flooring applications?

Yes. The one piece SK800 profile is suitable for carpet finish and hard flooring which can be installed prior to plasterboard. The 2 piece profile is used in timber or tile flooring applications where installation occurs after the walls have been plastered.

Will I be able to see the join between the skirting and plasterboard?

No. If correctly installed the skirting board and plasterboard join will be invisible. If during the installation the plasterboard is not allowed sufficient drying time for the jointing compound, it can crack in the future. It is important that the manufacturers instructions are followed to ensure the joint is dry fully between coats. Drying times are approximately 24 hours in normal conditions or 48 hours in cool conditions between each coat. See USG Boral instructions here

Does Shadowline Skirting meet fire compliance requirements?

Intrim’s Shadowline SK800 Fire Rated MDF Skirting board has been extensively tested to meet the fire resistant AS1530.4-2014 standards it will achieve a FRL: -/60/60 . Find out more here.

Need to install a timber or tiled floor after skirting installation?

Intrim’s Two Piece Shadowline SK801-802 and SK803-804 systems have been created to solve this problem! It allows for removal of the bottom piece of skirting so that flooring can be installed and then the Shadowline skirting piece replaced and fixed in place over the top of the flooring.

Installation Video of the Intrim Series 800 Shadowline System

Installation Animation of the Intrim 2 Piece Shadowline System

Lawrence Li from DLC Interiors talks the benefits of Intrim’s Shadowline 800 Series System

Installation Video of the Intrim Shadowline Door Jamb System

More Information & Enquiry Forms

Shadowline® Skirting Enquiry Forms

Shadowline® Door Jambs Enquiry Forms

Shadowline® Installation instructions.

For more information on our Intrim Moulding’s patented shadowline system, contact us on 1800 622 081.

Australian Patent No AU2018101091 and AU2014100509.

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