25th November 2020

Trends to Transform your Home in 2021 by Jen Bishop

By Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict

Want to give your home a refresh in 2021? I’m here to tell you what’s hot in homewares and what’s trending in decorating as we come towards the end of the year!


Colour is always a natural place to start and when it comes to the paint on our walls, the season’s colours are calming and cocooning. Haymes Paint colour and concept manager Wendy Rennie says: “The current focus on wellbeing is more important than ever and using colour as a way of connecting us to emotions and improving the environments we are in will help people to make an impact where it counts most, showing us that home truly is where the heart is.” Think mud died pink, peach and rust.

Above Images: Courtesy of Hames Paint Colour

But there’s also a move towards richer colours from nature; deep tones of ink blue to warm sandy neutrals and olive greens, emulating the calming force of the ocean, the earth and forest.

Wall Features

Speaking of walls, panelling has never been more popular and in every kind of home, from VJ feature walls in apartment bedrooms to elaborate full walls of wainscoting in larger homes and everything in between. There’s no longer one kind of house that suits wall panelling and people have come to understand it’s a very cost-effective way to add depth, character and interest, as well as of course, value.

Above Images: Courtesy of Clinton Manor, Photographer Andy Macpherson Studio


In furniture, that trusty rattan is going nowhere, proving it’s definitely not just a fad and that everything does indeed come back round into fashion eventually!

All about the Curves

In kitchens and cabinetry we’re seeing a lot more curves (if you watched this years’s Block you’ll know what I’m talking about!) and we even saw Three Birds Renovations add archways into their most recent project.

It follows on from a trend in scalloped shapes we’ve been seeing for a while and it certainly never hurts to soften up an interior by doing away with some of those right angles!

Above image: Courtesy of The Block Shop

Multi Purpose Spaces and Storage

When it comes to how we use our homes, if the last year has taught us anything it’s that they need to be multi-purpose and functional spaces and that the ability to entertain at home is a definite plus.

We expect to see people investing in their back yards, creating outdoor rooms as extensions of their overall living space.

Built-in and custom cabinetry has become increasingly popular as a way to increase storage and seating and to help create multiple zones and uses for a space.

That might be a home office nook in the kitchen or hallway, or a built-in bench seat in a tight dining area.

Above Image: Courtesy of Studio Black, Photographer Hcreations