30th October 2020

Naomi Findlay on Intrim in Carrington House Series

Carrington House is an epic renovation of a severely run down heritage home which not only needs some TLC to look beautiful, but a significant amount of structural repairs to even make her inhabitable! By Naomi’s own admission the home has everything wrong with it that could possibly be, so it needs some determination, clever thinking and thoughtful design to make the best use of what there is to work with (and some of these spaces are really small).

Choosing to use Intrim’s mouldings throughout to create a cohesive look through the entire home as well as bring a bit of design flair that doesn’t take up floor space, Naomi has VERY cleverly used mouldings for both traditional and non traditional applications throughout.

Naomi takes us through each room of Carrington House and tells us the Intrim products she’s used, how she has applied them and why she loves them!

Intrim manufactured and supplied Intrim SK498 skirting boards in 135mm and 90mm for the architrave, Intrim CR22 chair rail, Intrim IN23 inlay mould and Intrim PR20 picture rail.

Room 1 – Bedroom 1

Room 2 – Bedroom 2

Room 3 – Living Room

Room 4 – Studio / Bedroom 3