10th December 2018

How to Assemble & Install Intrim’s Shadowline Door Jamb


Cut DJ800 door jamb material to required lengths with a 45-degree mitre cut to the top of stiles and each end of the head.

Assemble the head and stile mitre joints with PVA glue and nails or screws. (Detail A)


Pack opening and install DJ800 door jamb plumb and level. Take care when installing jamb material, to make sure it is fixed parallel with timber framework. (example – if framework is 90mm wide and plasterboard is 10mm thick = 90mm frame + (2 x 10mm) 2 thicknesses of plasterboard + (2 x 3.5mm) 2 thicknesses of plaster set = 117mm total width of DJ800 door jamb, therefore the difference between timber framework face and door jamb face = (117 – 90) divided by 2 = 13.5mm on both sides between the jamb face and framework face. (Detail B)

Once all DJ800 door jambs are installed, it is time to install the SK800 skirting.