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Intrim® CM01

French Provincial, Hamptons



As seen in Hamptons selections in a box

Intrim® CM01 timber cornice moulding caps off your interior look. A great cornice or crown moulding is designed to sit at an angle between the wall and ceiling, but can also be integrated into the architrave over a doorway or window, as part of the mantel on a fireplace surround, or to finish the top of a column.

Available with a ceiling projection of 85mm and a wall projection of 85mm and crafted in a range of timbers and finishes including FJ Pine, FJ Pine Primed, MR MDF, and MR MDF Primed. This style of moulding is recommended for use in a French Provincial style interior.

Intrim® CM01 is also available in the Hamptons selections in a box range. A curated collection by renowned Hamptons interior designer and TV presenter, Natalee Bowen from Indah Island. Spanning 5 different types of Hamptons styles including Classic, Country, Coastal, Tropical and Modern. Within each style is a selection of primed timber mouldings to provide the layers and detailing to achieve each specific Hamptons look. The box contains a pre-primed sample of each profile, allowing you to see, touch and visualise the size, shape and style.

Intrim® CM01 features in Classic Hamptons 3, Tropical Hamptons 2, Tropical Hamptons 3, Coastal Hamptons 2, and Country Hamptons 2.


Available in:

  • 116mm wide x 25mm thick x 5400mm length
  • FJ Pine
  • FJ Pine Primed
  • MR MDF
  • MR MDF Primed
Materials & finishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cornice Mould profile come in different sizes?

Each profile design is available in one size. See the sizes tab for details.

What are the advantages of using timber cornice over plaster?

It provides a greater decorative design finish and a smoother and more durable finish.

Is there a back in the cornice or is this hollow?

The cornice does not have a back.

What material should I use if I apply mouldingson my kitchen cabinetry?

If your cabinetry is an MDF substrate and you are using a 2 pac finish, match the molding material to your cabinetry material to avoid cracking

How far does the cornice mould stick out from the wall or ceiling?

This is in the detailed description on the product page for the cornice mould design you choose.

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