11th December 2018

Epoxy Adhesive Application for Connecta Rail 90o Return Bends

Follow our instructions for gluing stainless steel Connecta Rail 90 degree bends, being used as wall returns, to timber dowel handrail ends to eliminate potential movement in high impact areas.

Step 1 – Assemble applicator as per 3 step instructions in applicator carton

1 – Insert plunger, track side down, into slot from front face of the applicator. Push up the metal lever on the back of the applicator and slide the plunger full length into the applicator

2 – Lift up the plastic catch on the syringe holder bracket.

3 – Drop in the syringe. Return the holder to original position and snap catch back into place.

4- remove the twist cap on the end of syringe in an anti-clockwise direction. Replace with mixing nozzle in a clockwise direction.

Step 2 – Preparing applicator prior to application of adhesive

5- Dispense adhesive through mixing nozzle by squeezing trigger onto a waste piece of material.

6- Continue to dispense the adhesive until there is a consistent mix of the 2 part adhesive.

Step 3 – Applying adhesive and completing joint

7- After dry joint installation, secure sign off and approval of all the stainless 90 degree bend wall returns, before applying adhesive.

8- Remove the stainless bend and apply a small bead of adhesive at intersection of joining fastener and timber dowel rail end. This will eliminate any excess adhesive going outside the join.

9- Re-install stainless bend onto the end of the timber dowel rail end. Tighten grub screw so the that joint is aligned with minimal gap.

Leave join for 24 hours to dry before use.

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