Intrim® DIY Wainscoting Kit A

Colonial / Victorian, Edwardian / Georgian, French Provincial, Hamptons

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DIY Wainscoting Kit A

When you’re looking to create a beautiful wainscoting feature in your home in either a small area or are on a budget, Intrim’s DIY Wainscoting kits are the perfect solution to enhance the look of any room and bring beauty and personality to your home.

Intrim® DIY Wainscoting Kit A is specially crafted in FSC Certified FJ Pine Primed timber, which supports our environment and helps save you time on your project. Winning!

Intrim® DIY Wainscoting Kit A contains:

  • A length of CR22 chair rail (66mm x 18mm thick) at 1800mm long
  • 4 lengths of IN23 inlay mould (42 x 15mm thick) at 720mm
  • 4 lengths of IN23 inlay mould (42 x 15mm thick) 850mm long
  • 3 x 90x90mm spacer blocks to help with your install and measurements. (These little gems will help determine how many 90mm wide spaces there are between the wall panels including wall ends).
  • 2 chair rail corner blocks at 66mm long for use when applying wainscoting around an internal corner
  • 1 tube of high performance adhesive
  • 1 piece of sandpaper
  • A carpenters pencil

This style of moulding is recommended for use in a a large range of interior styles such as Hamptons, Colonial and Edwardian.

So if you thought a beautiful home was never in your reach, our easy to install DIY kits are one way Intrim are helping every Australian have access to creating an interior they dreamed of.

To find out how to install and work out how many kits you need, please see our DIY WAINSCOTING INFORMATION page.

How many kits will I need?

To work out how many kits you need, measure the overall length of wall you want to add wainscoting to, and use the panel chart below to determine how many kits are required.

Length of Wall Number of 1.8m Kits Required Number of Wall Panels (“Frames”) per section of Wall Number of 90mm Corner Marking Spacers Required
600 to 950mm 1 1 panel 2
951 to 1800mm 1 2 panels 3
1801 to 2670mm 2 3 panels 4
2671 to 3600mm 2 4 panels 5
3601 to 4390mm 3 5 panels 6
4391 to 5400mm 3 6 panels 7
5401 to 6110mm 4 7 panels 8
6111 to 7200mm 4 8 panels 9

Available in:

  • 42mm wide x 15mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 15mm thick
  • 66mm wide x 18mm thick
  • FJ Pine Primed
  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
  2. Select your quantity and place your order.
  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

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