30th June 2020

How to Measure Up For & Install Glue-On Wainscoting

Decorative wall panelling is a beautiful addition to any home. It has gained in popularity over the last few years and is now the go to design feature to add when you’re wanting to lift the look of your interior to create something classic and beautiful.

Sometimes budgets for home renovations or lack of access to tradespeople can wedge a large gap between dreams and reality, but here we explain just how to plan the measurements for your next wall panelling project, as well as install them using our tried and tested glue, for a simple ‘stick to the wall’ version of wainscoting.

Corner blocks can also be purchased from us eliminating the need for intricate scribe work, as well as mitre boxes and hand saws if you don’t have access to power tools. There really is no excuse to not feel confident in tackling this renovation on your own.

Our friendly team are always here to help guide you through or answer questions you may have.