21st July 2020

10 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Architectural Mouldings

Inspiration and the final look of your home is what drives us to knuckle down and plan every aspect of our renovation or new build. From finances and budgeting, to structure and utilities, styling and everything in between, these are all important pieces to reach the end goal.

Mouldings, including skirting boards, architraves and wall panelling are those details that seem so small, but make one of the biggest impacts in a room. They frame all of your hard work, they create depth and character, and most of all elevate the luxe in an interior.

With so many decisions to make, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start….this is why we recommend to start with your finishings…. and our guide is a great place to start!

This guide is as beautiful as it is informative, and as it has been curated exclusively for Three Birds Renovations Reno School, is filled with beautiful images from their previous projects.


French Provincial Finery                                          Sleek Contemporary Living


Grand & Gracious Parisian Chic                                Jabiru Luxury Home


Our guide gives you information, tips and tricks on:

  1. Understanding mouldings types and how to use them in your home.
  2.  How to choose the right style of mouldings for your home, and explaining the key features of each interior style.
  3. Guiding you through choosing the right size of mouldings for your room, as well as what sizes of different mouldings compliment the other. This section answers our most common questions around “what height skirting boards to choose” and “what size architrave to match my skirting with.”
  4. How to measure your room for skirting boards, door architraves and window architraves so you can plan the quantity you need for your order.
  5. Explaining the different types of wainscoting accompanied by stunning project images to show the look and impact each can give your interior. We also provide easy to follow wall measuring instructions to create the layout for basic wainscoting.
  6. What type of timber to use for your mouldings. Discussing the benefits and disadvantages of MDF and pine timbers, our two most popular timber choices.
  7. Whether you should purchase primed or raw mouldings. The benefits of priming and the long term time and cost savings it can provide to you.
  8. How Intrim are conscious of and actively pursue reducing our environmental footprint on the planet and support farming communities through our FSC certification. We explain how your purchasing of our mouldings contributes to global sustainability.
  9. Ideas for inspiration and help with your designs and how our team can recommend matching profiles to your inspo images. Even if you haven’t got a lot to start from, we lead you to our previous projects and social pages where you are sure to find a look you love to emulate in your own home.
  10. Ordering from our extensive range or custom matching mouldings for you, we can do both, quickly and simply. Just ask us how. DOWNLOAD the guide here.

Our friendly team are here to help you begin your journey to create our own spectacular interior. The Sky is the Limit!