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Intrim® DB4090ST


90 degree Vic Ash dowel hand rail bend in 40mm thickness.

Available in:

  • 40mm wide x 40mm thick
  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
  2. Select your quantity and place your order.
  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

Why choose Intrim Dowel HandRails?

Why would I use the Intrim Dowel handrail system?

Advantages of the Intrim Dowel Handrail System:

  • Ease of installation due to preformed bends.
  • Cost-effective handrail system.
  • Complies with Australian standard AS1428. 1-2009.
  • Great aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • Readily available.

Download the Intrim Dowel Handrail brochure for our full range of bends and handrail brackets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stain Connecta Rail?

We sure can for large commercial orders that meet the minimum order quantity. We offer four lovely colours to enhance the look of your interior. Select from our beautiful range of Teak, Walnut, Maple and Black. Ask our team when you make your enquiry if your quantity is sufficient for custom staining.

What size handrails are available?

The Intrim Connecta Rail System uses round timber handrails also known as a dowel handrail. You have the choice of
  • ConnectaRail40 - which uses a 40mm diametre handrail or
  • ConnectaRail50 - which uses a 50mm diamtre handrail
The handrail comes in mixed random lengths.

Do I need to use an Intrim chair rail to fix the handrail brackets or is the fixing to plasterboard sufficient?

Fixing the Intrim ConnectaRail Handrail brackets to the plasterboard is sufficient if there are noggins placed in the wall at the correct height for bracket fixing prior to plasterboard. We recommend the use of an Intrim Chair Rail for added support along the length of the wall to affix the brackets to if noggins are not in the correct positions to provide the structural support.

Can you assist with helping get the right quantities for a project?

We can provide assistance to customers should you have questions on how to measure for your project. We recommend double checking with a builder before placing any orders. Depending on the project and your installer will vary on the amount of wastage. Ensure you confirm your quantities with your installer before placing your order.

Are handrails required on both sides of stairs?

As a minimum requirement, internal handrails to a stairway flight or ramp must be provided on at least one side of the stairway or ramp and for the full length of the stairway flight or ramp. It must be continuous and have no obstructions that will tend to break a handhold except for a newel post or ball-type stanchion.  In Class 9a, Healthcare buildings a handrail must be provided along at least one side of the passageway or corridor used by patients, and must be; 
  1. Fixed not less than 50mm clear of the wall: and 
  1. Where practicable, continuous for their full length 
  In Class 9c, aged care buildings a handrail must be provided along both sides of every passageway or corridor used by residents, and must be; 
  1. Fixed not less than 50mm clear of the wall; and 
  1. Where practicable, continuous for their full length 

What spacing is required between brackets on handrails?

The maximum spacing between handrails will be subject to the type of handrail. Dowel handrails & ConnectaRail with 50mm dowel = Maximum spacing 1200mm, while 40mm dowel = Maximum spacing 900mm

Do you make curved handrails?

No we no longer offer custom curved handrails. Depending on the handrail system, we have standard bends and connectors which may be suitable for your application. Talk to our product specialists about your project on 1800 622 081 to learn more.

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