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Intrim® BR04 End


The Intrim BR04 End Plate is a stainless steel end plate used on the Intrim BR04 Bump Rail system. Made from a 3mm 316 grade stainless steel the bump rail system is suitable for hospitals and health care facilities where beds and trolleys can damage walls. The end plate provides crash protection to the ends of the rail, reducing the splitting of ends or damage/dislodgment to the return mitres.

4 options are available to suit the 4 bump rail sizes.

  • BREND18540SS – BR04 Stainless Steel End Cap to suit 185x40mm bump rail – Supplied with 1x Plate + 2x 25mm Sq Drive SS Screws
  • BREND18530SS – BR04 Stainless Steel End Cap to suit 185x30mm bump rail – Supplied with 1x Plate + 2x 25mm Sq Drive SS Screws
  • BREND13540SS – BR04 Stainless Steel End Cap to suit 135x40mm bump rail – Supplied with 1x Plate + 2x 25mm Sq Drive SS Screws
  • BREND13530SS – BR04 Stainless Steel End Cap to suit 135x30mm bump rail – Supplied with 1x Plate + 2x 25mm Sq Drive SS Screws

Available in:

  • 135mm wide x 30mm thick
  • 135mm wide x 40mm thick
  • 185mm wide x 30mm thick
  • 185mm wide x 40mm thick
  • Stainless Steel
Materials & finishes
  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
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  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Crash Rail and Bump Rail mean the same thing?

Yes! Crash Rail or Bump Rail are different names for the same thing. They both refer to a timber wall protection system that absorbs impacts keeping your wall safely intact. Other names for a bump or crash rail include bumper rails, bumper guards or wall guards.

When do I install the BR04 crash rail?

We recommend installing the bump rails at the very last stage of the project. It will be easier as that way the painter does not have to deal with covering up the bump rails or accidentally splattering them with paint. Any minor mistakes that could be made with screws or missing studs would be hidden by the secret fix baton. If the product gets damaged, we have a warranty although this does not cover general wear and tear. If the damage is minor, we would coat over or replace the length if required. The paint we recommend using is the Cabots Cabothane clear water base which you can get from your local hardware store.

Why do you use Vic Ash timber on Intrim Bump Rail?

Victoria Ash is an Australian hardwood manufactured from high quality materials which is easy to install and light in colour, allowing for the option of darker staining. We only use select grade Vic Ash which eliminates any bad knots. As it is a natural product there will be slight variations in colour which is to be expected. We choose to use Vic Ash for several reasons. The uncertainty of supply with other hardwoods is not a concern as Vic Ash can be readily sourced in Australia providing greater certainty on lead times for our clients projects. It also provides a superior finish as it machines a lot better than other hardwoods resulting in a smooth finish, which is preferable for a handrail product. Vic Ash is also at a cost effective price point when compared to other hardwoods, and with price pressures on all projects, we aim to supply the best solution in terms of price and a quality finish.

What is the largest length of Bump Rail you provide?

3.7 metres long. We recommend to have a 50mm gap between lengths of bump rail if greater than 3.7 metres.

What height should your Bump Rail be?

You can go with any suitable height you want for your application but generally we recommend 900 millimetres - 1 metre. If you are installing two different heights of bump rail we recommend the bottom rail to be 300mm from the top bump rail.

What happens after you place your Bump Rail order?

Once order has been placed, we will need an exact site measured cutting list which will need to be provided by your team. We won’t proceed until we have your cutting list. We will then create a quote to align with the cutting list and then send through approval with attached drawing profile.  Once that is approved it will go into manufacturing. Lead time starts once the updated order has been approved. We do estimate at earlier changes but if there are any changes once the cutting list comes through the lead time can’t change. If the wall is longer than the length of timber beyond 3.7 metres long, we will split the lengths up into even sections running with a 50mm gap. Usually, will split the wall accordingly. The timber is supplied to us in random lengths between 1.5 to 4 metres. So, anything from 3.7 metre lengths is few and far between. So, we allow them to be split and just need the customer to give us the lengths and we will work it out.

What materials are needed to install the BR04 bump rail?

99% of all materials are included in the BR04 Bump Rail System. The only thing you will need are screws to suit your substrate.

Why do hospital and aged care architects and interior designers care about salutogenesis and biophilic design?

They tend to favour salutogenesis and biophilic design which support health and wellbeing. Timber being a natural material, aids in achieving such interior design appeal with more traditional and simple styles working perfectly in a functioning space.

Do you provide a product warranty?

We have a warranty and maintenance schedule plus a data sheet which we send towards the end of the project to personalise it with your companies details. This allows you to include it with your other warranties for the job when you hand it over to your client.

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