Intrim® SK801-802 Shadowline

Modern Contemporary / Art Deco

Sizes available
Width (mm):
90, 115, 135, 185, 230, 285

Thickness (mm):

Material options
FJ Pine Primed, MR MDF Primed

Intrim® Two Piece SK801-802 Shadowline is a modern skirting board which can be used when a retro fitout is required, allowing you to install your plasterboard and skirting prior to installation of flooring. It is available in 90mm, 115mm, 135mm, 185mm, 230mm, 285mm high and 12mm thick. This style of moulding is recommended for use in a Modern Contemporary / Art Deco style interior. Samples are available for this profile.

Intrim® Two Piece SK801-802 Shadowline is specially crafted in a range of timbers including FJ Pine Primed, MR MDF Primed. Intrim’s timber mouldings are available pre primed, helping you save even more time on your project.

Compatible for use with the Intrim® SK800 Shadowline System door jambs.

Our easy step by step “How to Installation Guide” for the 2 Piece Shadowline Skirting Board System can be found here.

Australian Patent No AU2018101091, 2018.

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