Bump Rail

Intrim Bump Rail offers superior wall protection while allowing for creation of a warm, residential feel in a range of aged care, health and commercial applications.


Bump Rail

We understand the dilemma health and aged care developers, architects and interior designers have in striving to create a welcoming, homely and less clinical interior, so Intrim created a range of natural timber and bump rail, crash rail and wall protection to help achieve the goal of creating something beautiful.

Our bump rail and wall protection systems are beautiful, functional and ready for installation upon delivery to site. We have created a unique secret fixing system which speeds up installation and conceals fixing to the wall. Easy to maintain and resilient to impact for beds and other traffic.

Intrim’s crash rail is compatiable with our Intrim® IHR10 Handrail System which can be used as a dual rail with both a mid and base rail for wall protection only.

Benefits of the Intrim’s ‘Ready-to-Install’ BR04 Crash Rail System

  • Time saving of 407% on site as Intrim® BR04 Crash Rail is delivered to site, cut to length, ready to go on the wall with our unique concealed fix system.
  • Pre-finished with a triple layer of hard wearing, durable coating prior to delivery therefore eliminating coating on site and problems associated with a wet trade
  • Cost saving of 35% as sanding and coating are completed through high speed coating line rather than manual application on site
  • Project completion shortened as elimination of on-site coating can sometimes save days or weeks of time on larger project

Revit Railings Files

Intrim are always looking for ways we can help specifiers and designers and our Revit files are a specifiers and estimators dream! We have created Railing Revit files for our ConnectaRail, IHR10 Hospital Handrail and BR04 Bump Rail which will:

1. Take the pain out of drawing complex railing files

2. Make specification simpler

3. Set out your Bill of Quantities making estimation easy

4. Set out recommended clearances & heights to take the guess work out of railing application for compliance

No more wasted time trying to draw in complex Railings – we have done the hard work for you!

CLICK to download.

Install Time Comparison: Ready-to-Install vs Traditional Crash Rail

WATCH how much time Intrim’s Ready to Install Crash Rail can save you on your next project!

Intrim Pre Coated Bump Rail Installation Guide

Intrim Traditional Bump Rail Installation Guide

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