10th June 2022

Why would I use the Intrim ConnectaRail handrail system over competitor options?

The 8 reasons that make Intrim ConnectaRail Handrail system the ideal choice for your next project.

  1. The Intrim ConnectaRail System is professionally built by experienced craftsmen in our Sydney factory prior to delivery to your site. It is pre-coated and ready for installation upon delivery, saving time on your site.
  2. The hard wearing timber is triple coated with an Anti-Microbial coating. It is designed to ensure it can stand up to even the heaviest of general wear and tear as well as remaining as architecturally beautiful as the first day they were installed.
  3. Concealed fixing system
  4. Unique wall fixing system for fast and simple installation
  5. Australian standard AS1428. 1-2009 compliant
  6. Supplied with powder coated stainless steel wall brackets
  7. Doubles as a wall protection from traffic, including beds and trolleys in hospital and health facilities
  8. The use of natural material has been proven to have aesthetic therapeutic benefits increasing healing and therefore decreasing hospital stays