10th June 2022

Is the ConnectaRail System suitable for health and aged care facilities?

The Intrim ConnectaRail is a unique and time-efficient system that is suitable for a wide range of applications including 9C compliant aged care facilities, hospitals, medical clinics, and some commercial projects. It reduces the dependency on staff and carers by offering a handrail system that increases aged care residents’ confidence and motivation to stay active and mobile. The Connecta Rail is supplied with Intrim’s ready-to-install, Anti Microbial clear pre-coated system which requires three coats of clear lacquer sanded between each coat. This not only saves wet trade time but offers an antimicrobial coating in facilities where bacteria and health are paramount. Very few companies coat it like us and ease of install of grub grooves and process to install is a lot quicker than other products on the market. This system is also able to protect walls from beds and traffic, doubling as a wall protection. If the product was to get damaged, we can offer touch ups or recoats. We use a product called cabothane to do any touch ups.