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Style Series: Hottest trending styles for 2022

Written for Intrim Mouldings by Birdblack Design.Ā 

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17th June 2022

Birdblack Design are an incredible team that Intrim has worked with over the years, offering amazing advice on the latest trends and styles as well as the must have finishing touches. They know what they’re talking about so read on to find out the latest trending home design styles for 2022 as well as why mouldings are so essential to finishing off these looks.


Welcome to the ā€œStyle Seriesā€ with Birdblack Design. In this blog, we will be commenting on the latest trends influencing projects that we are currently working on. Ā Birdblack Design specialise in both residential and commercial, so there is a plethora of inspiration to be had. Firstly, we are noticing plenty of beiges, sandy tones and soft pinks, greens and blues.



We are also seeing a lot of arches and curves: in doorways and windows, but also on Kitchen Islands, mirrors and trims.



Zellige tiles are proving to be ever popular. Zellige means ā€œto slideā€ in Arabic and as the light hits these tiles, the light slides and dances across the tiles.


Three popular styles in 2022 are Modern Farmhouse, Hamptons and Coastal Luxe. Lets explore these styles in a bit more detail.




Modern Farmhouse is a wonderful fusion of a minimal contemporary design and traditional country. The style is all about comfort and cosy elements, a blend of rustic and sleek looks. The Modern Farmhouse oozes warmth and character with that gorgeously, stylish modern approach. Organic and natural materials are quintessential to the Modern Farmhouse. Matte finishes and low-shine materials lend to the majesty of the Farmhouse: we recommend playing with plenty of texture.

Skirting selected: SK767 IntrimĀ can be used as skirting boardĀ trim or architrave trim.

As you can see from the flatlay above, the clean sleek lines of modern design are more than apparent, yet the cosiness and warmth of the fibres and materials lends itself to the Farmhouse aesthetic. The combination results in a fresh palette.

Warm whites, greys and timbers were used in amalgamation with the contemporary blues to compliment both styles. Natural textures and warm rugs both contrast and compliment the modern matte black handles with the focus being on the rustic/traditional styling of the Intrim moulding.


The popular Hamptons is consistently charming. Chic blues and greys with crisp whites and light timbers evoke the sophisticated coastal living inspired by the stunning beach homes of The Hamptons, Long Island, New York. This style is elegant and welcoming: classic designs married with a casual beach vibe. Panelled walls and timber flooring allow the resort-like aesthetic to come to life in your home.

Skirting selected: SK58 IntrimĀ can be used as skirting boardĀ trim or architrave trim.

The Hamptons flatlay focuses on the mixture of cool, classic and slightly modern take on a sophisticated beach home. The classic look of mosaics, stone and marble define the Hamptons look, with dark timber flooring and light-coloured rugs and fabrics to compliment it. A simple Intrim moulding is stylised within this flatlay, to help reinforce the busy mixture of the palette. It is good to keep in mind that the interior mouldings for Hamptons style are noticeably high skirting boards and beautiful wainscoting details incorporated on the walls.


For your Coastal Luxe moment, you are going to focus on soft sandy colours and the variety of tones of the ocean, light timbers and refined, uncomplicated, clean, simple lines. With a striking neutral palette and added-in textures, this style delivers a homely appeal: all very complimentary, and the absence of stark contrasts.

Skirting selected: SK460 IntrimĀ can be used as skirting boardĀ trim or architrave trim.

This Coastal Luxe flatlay encompasses the blend of coastal and tropical living with contemporary design. Subtleties in the light timbers and the stunning beige tiles bring the modern coastal home alive whilst feeling undeniably luxurious. Brass details and travertine colours contribute to the luxe feel of the home. Sandy colours and detailed elements within the flatlay bring out the simplicity of the Intrim moulding.

It is essential to include trim work in your designs; it is like the diamond necklace to a black dress.

Framing each room is imperative to communicating the final layers of the design. In each room, windows, doors, walls, ceiling and floors all need attention. For an exquisite design, it is essential to pay tribute to each of these with selections of architraves, cornices, coffered ceiling trims, handrails, chair rails and inlay moulds. Intrim Mouldings are your design specialists. Itā€™s the small details that finalise the whole look. Careful consideration results in fabulous impacts.

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