3rd July 2019

Three Birds House 10 Minimalist Kitchen & Laundry Design Tips

Reveal One of Three Birds Renovations House 10 sees them undertake a lot of firsts. Their first new build, first build out of Sydney and first COLLABORATION with none other their digital extraordinaire Sophie Bell, the honorary 4th bird for this series.

In true Three Birds style we saw crisp whites, natural fibres and immaculate styling, but we also saw the introduction of organic concrete and a more refined ‘less is more’ concept.

Some of the great tips and design inspiration we’ve taken from this reveal are:


  • Ventilation. One big consideration in a laundry because of the nature of the use of the room really calls for good ventilation. Although Lana’s louvre glass suggestion didn’t make the cut, it’s a great idea and could be used when you can’t pop in a door.
  • Although there isn’t much ‘sexy’ about the function of a laundry, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Let’s face it, you use it as much as your kitchen and bathrooms so make sure it’s a space you can enjoy. The addition of the round window, farmhouse sink, marble bench tops, big skirting, louvre doors for texture and loads of storage (for easy access to items and keeping it tidy) all add to the look.
  • Love them or hate them the end look of these tiles is on point. If you are looking to go out of the box on your tile design and choose a freehand tile design, make sure create and print a pattern layout the tilers can copy. This will eliminate potential mistakes and tiles ending up where they shouldn’t be.

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  • Referring to your kitchen as furniture changes the way you might design it. Make it a feature and something to show off.
  • Think outside the box, and sometimes outside the kitchen! Popping the fridge in an unconventional space such as the butlers pantry allows you to create a sleek space and hide some functional elements of your kitchen that may not be as beautiful as the rest of your design.
  • The handles in this kitchen make ALL the difference. By using different styles of handles throughout the space, it keeps it interesting. If you do choose to mix handle styles, try different shapes and designs but try keep them in similar colours. This is a cheap and easy renovation you can undertake to update a space.
  • This kitchen is quite minimalist with not a lot happening, but what is happening is done really well. If you are wanting to create a cleaner looking space, think about some key items that do make a statement, like here with the oversized gold tap, the organic feel with the texture from the concrete, oversized gold handles, tall skirting boards and a large rattan pendant.
  • Turn a positive into a negative. Having pipes in the corner of the kitchen which needed to be hidden led to the building out the wall to create that beautiful niche! It looks deliberate and like it should have been there the whole time. If you run into functional requirements that seem to throw a curve ball, think about how you can update your design to create something beautiful.

Overall, this modern Mediterranean villa feel is very grand and suits the tropical, holiday inspired destination. The minimalist approach to what we’ve seen so far highlights the stand out elements that have been chosen as well as letting the textures (concrete, louvres, brass) take more of the limelight. There are also some country feels which lend itself to feeling a little more relaxed and a farmhouse vibe, which is perfect for a home you want to live, relax and entertain in.

Sophie used SK23 Skirting board in 230mm high and architraves in the same profile in 115m.