18th September 2018

Mastering your Master Bedroom Design

Designing a Master Bedroom isn’t prescriptive and really comes down to personal choice and what’s important for you, but it needs to be an adult space where you can escape from your busy life and have the chance to relax, unwind and disconnect from the world to recharge.

Although there really is no ‘wrongs’ in design, there are some fundamental things that work, some that don’t and some things you may not have even considered.


It is so easy to get caught up in the beautiful design elements of a master suite that some of the basic comfort essentials are missed.


Make sure you consider ventilation in the bedroom. Are your windows letting in enough air? Is it time to add a ceiling fan or air conditioning unit to regulate heating and cooling throughout the seasons?

Bedrooms can get stuffy and you want to make sure you have enough air flow. This can be achieved through a ceiling fan, adding another window or door, but also air purifying plants can help with the stuffiness and add a touch of class.


Are you looking to add more natural light into your room, or can you build or access an outdoor area off the master? Just as the Birds did in this renovation, the addition of french doors not only add ventilation, but more light AND access to another area you can retreat to.

Not only is natural light important, but sometimes it’s important to block out! If your windows beam the light in first thing in the morning and you enjoy a dark room to sleep, you don’t have to resort to boarding up that window and moving it elsewhere. There are many wonderful block out blinds available that not only block out light, but help with heat and cold transfer, making your home more energy efficient and stable in temperature.

Also, think about tasks you will be doing in your room and where and this may determine where to place your lighting. If you want to read on a settee you might like to brighten up that area, you might have a personal choice for lighting where you dress and groom or your pet peeve might be having to get out of bed to turn the light off when you’re ready to sleep so you might consider switches near the bed, stylish wall sconces or lamps next to the bed.

Our tip is to install lighting with dimming capability to adjust during various parts of the day or with your mood, and consider multiple switch points for ease of access.


If you are opening up visibility into your room, or are building where passers by could view your windows, think about how you can privatise your room. This could be by creating a patio area with cladded walls, or the use of those fabulous one way covers Bonnie used on the ensuite window.

You may also like to look at sheer curtains for some privacy during the day which filter the light and still allow those beams to stream in.

Storage and Space

If you’re current room isn’t large enough for the room of your dreams, you may look at removing some internal walls, bumping out an external wall or repurpose and adjacent room.

Try opt for clever designs for your storage that don’t take up too much of your valuable floor space, like under bed storage.


How do you want to start each day? Would you love to roll your toes around some soft, plush carpet before getting into the daily grind? Think about your carpet choice for the bedroom carefully,and if you have hardwood floors, consider a rug, which may go under the whole bed, to provide you some soft space to walk on.


Mouldings in the Bedroom

The high skirting boards with minimal detailing and wall panelling to create a feature wall behind the bed in this room adds architectural detail and character without taking up space. The design is timeless and is an excellent (and relatively inexpensive) way to beautify your bedroom on as reno or new build.

Bed Placement

The number one purpose of a bedroom is for sleeping, and placement of the bed is essential.

The unspoken rule of bed placement is that you position the door into the room so you can see across the foot of the bed as you walk in, and that the main door into the bedroom has some privacy from the rest of the home. You don’t want your doorway facing adjacent your lounge where anyone sitting can see right into your room. The purpose of creating the perfect master is to aim for a space that does give you privacy and seclusion.

You also need to place your bed centred on a wall.


Do you have space and budget for an ensuite? This really is one of those places that is private and can allow you those few moments each day to get ready to tackle your day on your own, and surrounded by the things that make you happy. The design of the Birds ensuite is out of the box, but unique and not only feels luxurious, but gives us holiday vibes.


It seems the ideal solution for a closet is a walk in space. Everyone wants one, and sometimes there isn’t enough space for one. The beautiful design Bonnie used on this walk in robe is beautiful, yet surprisingly simple. loads of simple melamine shelving behind luscious curtains with a full length free standing mirror and voilia! Perfection!

If you don’t have enough room for a walk in closet with all the bells and whistles, you may need to consider using some of the space in your ensuite to fill the gaps. Maybe add some additional storage in your ensuite and use that space as your dressing room.

Divide The Room

Divide large rooms into separate spaces to give your room a rich 5 star hotel feel. Create sleeping, sitting and relaxation areas. If you have the space and the right type of window, why not build yourself a bench seat under it?


Is your master near the other rooms in the house? Do you want to be near your other family members or do you want to create some distance to ensure you really are creating yourself a luxury hideaway? You also need to consider other high traffic or high noise areas in the home, you don’t want to listen to a washing machine while trying to sleep or noise and bustle from the kitchen.


The Bed

If room is a little tight you can consider removing the foot of your bed or having a bed without a foot board. It might not give you much room back, but it will create the illusion of more space.

If you don’t have lots of room for a chunky bed, you can add beautiful detailing by adding wall panelling to the bedhead wall. Try going bold behind the bed to really lift your room.

The Bed End

We have seen that a rug at the end of a bed really does create something luxurious and finishes the look. You can do this even with little space, and will provide some added detail to the room.

If space permits, you can add luxury and sophistication by adding some furniture at the foot of the bed. It could be a narrow bench, overstuffed ottomans, a settee or a beautiful chest or vintage trunk, which also provides some additional storage. Any of these items will add character and also another space where you can unwind.

Bedside Tables

Not only are the functional, but you can find some really beautiful bedside tables. If you need extra storage you can get ones with shelves or drawers, or if you’re limited on space you can get smaller, but still practical designs, like the Birds have used in this home. The smaller bedside also eliminates the temptation for ‘clutter’ to build a mini mess next to your bed.


Pillows, pillows, pillows, a throw and colours that pick up and compliment the other colours in your room such as wall paint, artwork or stand out furniture pieces.

Decorative pillows will really give your room va-va-voom and dress up the space.


An inexpensive way to add detail. are practical and open up a room by bouncing light around.


Even if you don’t have a practical use for one, like keeping your toes off some cold, hard floors, they really are a simple styling solution. Find some different placements around the room and don’t be scared to try new things.

Most of all make sure your room reflects your personality and brings about a feeling you’re looking to create.