7th November 2018

Bring Style to your Interior

Creating a beautiful interior to be proud of doesn’t have to cost the earth, or be a difficult process. Finding inspiration and having help at hand to achieve your dream home is easier than you may think.


This can mean a number of things whether it be adding some new key pieces to your home, reshuffling your furniture or undertaking a small (or large) renovation.

If you are looking to simply ‘spruce’ up your home with some furnishings, here’s a few tips to consider:

1. Display ‘stuff’ in 3’s ~ A trio of items is more visually appealing and balanced, especially if you use different sizes, materials and heights.

2. Add a rug…. and then another ~ Layering your rugs can save money and helps bring a room together. If you love a rug and it’s too small or the wrong size, you can layer it over a larger, more neutral rug (which is a great place to start). It will also allow you to be more bold in your choices.

3. Display FAKE flowers and make them look real ~ There is no denying real flowers are lovely, but they don’t look so fab once they start to wilt. Buying quality faux flowers can look just as brilliant, and adding water to your vase will have your guests guessing.

4. Move furniture into different rooms ~ What doesn’t seem like a logical move can not only save you cash, but provide a fresh perspective on an old piece and re-purpose items to serve a better function. Some examples might be moving a settee to the end of your bed, set up a reading nook in your room with an armchair and side table, moving a bedroom cupboard into a hallway and topping with a mirror or print and nik-naks.

5. Always have books on your coffee table.

6. Repaint mismatched furniture the same colour and finish to create harmony.

7. Add some indoor plants.

8. Light some candles and have them scattered all around the home

9.Buy a throw and keep it on your lounge.

10. Know when to keep things simple ~ Don’t think re-styling needs to be all encompassing. Sometimes a change in bed linen or switching out your dining room chairs. Sometimes less is more, and restyling could even mean curating some of the things you already have.

What’s Your Style? 

The best place to start is deciding what style your home is now, what style you want it to be and see how you can get these styles to meet. Some of the popular interior styles are described below:


Hamptons ~ If you love the coast and things light and breezy, you’re more likely to fall in love with Hamptons and Coastal homes.


Modern ~ Clean, crisp lines, simple colours (or none at all), metal, glass and steel textures, simple and not cluttered, that is a modern style!


French ~ Warm earthy colours, fine linens, ornamental wooden furnishings, soft, warm tones and rounded, rolling mouldings describe the French style.


Colonial & Victorian ~ Do you love country vibes, ornate detailing and rich, earthy colours? This is more your style! Other names for this style could be Traditional.

Scandinavian ~ A Nordic feel with natural timbers blended with pops of colour, shiny aluminium, spacious and naturally lit is the best way to describe the ‘Scandi’ style.

Find your style on our Interior Styles page.


You can find inspiration from any source, and looking at Pinterest, inspirational designers and popular design bloggers is a good place to start. Subscribe to popular blogs and news to stay on top of trends, start a mood board and don’t be afraid to contact suppliers and ask them for advice on which of their products will help you achieve your look.

You can take inspirational homes and start applying some of what they have in your own home. Start small, but keep dreaming BIG!

Try our 3D room styler to play around with interior styles and mouldings which suit you.


Once you have settled on your design, you have a mood board and images of your interior inspo, start on your plan for creating it. This will include budgeting, maybe talking to trades and calling suppliers.

Helping our client’s achieve their dream home through the use of mouldings is what we specialise in, and many people are shocked at the impact they make in their home.