17th October 2018

Three Birds Hot Tips from House 9

As we sadly wave goodbye to the end of another fabulous renovation from Three Birds, we take a look back at the room reveals that wow’ed us and have pulled together the best tips and tricks that they shared.


  • Consider every angle when renovating. Think about how you’ll get to the front door and design an entrance you’ll love coming home to.

  • Make sure you design the house for you and not for your guests.
  • Add feature walls. This can be achieved by Bon’s favourite, the vertical cladding, but in this home we also saw the fabulous jungle bar wall and the panelled wall in the master suite. These are very simple but super effective ways to add style to your home.


  • Create a view from each room (including the loo)! This home has been opened in may spaces with added windows for views to the outside, such as in the dining and ensuite, which not only allows more light to flood the home, but gives the feeling of more space. In areas where you do need privacy sometimes, the use of THAT external, two way motorised blind was genius! If the budget is tight, fixed pane windows are often the most affordable way to let in natural light, and you can reuse windows from other spaces to also save some pennies.


  • When you have statement focus pieces, make sure everything else is a little more subdued.
  • Bonnie’s never fail tip for lifting a space and making it feel relaxed and luxe is to “Add a rattan rug in and luxe it up with a bronze pendant.”

  • Try eliminate doors in smaller spaces so it doesn’t disrupt the flow or make you feel closed in, like the WIR in the master. The curtains not only hide the cabinetry, but give the illusion of loads of space as they are floor to ceiling.

  • Inspiration can come from all places! Many rooms are designed around artwork or a decorative piece, like the camel print.
  • Save cash by keeping some items that don’t need to be replaced like those front windows or the nursery wardrobe.
  • If you’re short of space in your bathroom, create a wet space. This can be an open shower with a bath next to it, like the main bathroom in this home.
  • Make a statement from the start and add some double entry doors.
  • In design and styling, little details make all the difference, so design every millimetre of your house and don’t think every treasure needs to be the size of a small country.
  • If you use a heavily patterned tile, your grout choice is easy – it needs to be light, to make the joins less visible so the larger pattern can reveal itself.
  • We loved Bonnie’s reaction when she saw our skirting boards installed and painted, they really can give your room that punch it needs…“The skirting here from Intrim looks amazing, I think because it looks so big. The detailing starts higher than the detailing in mine so therefore it looks bigger because you’ve got that flatter face. It’s freaking amazing isn’t it?” (Bonnie)“It looks expensive doesn’t it?” (Lana)


  • Don’t be afraid of colour! A colour can change the whole mood of a room.
  • If you do choose a colour, go for one that stands the test of time, and don’t overdo it. Just use pops of it as a feature like the green island bend, the green guest room and the other muted, but coloured tones in the other rooms.

  • When adding design elements to a smaller space, you can achieve this by using colour on the walls, such as the two-tone paint in the nursery room.

  • Balance your colours. As we see in the ensuite, the feminine pink tiles are balanced with the masculine black features and floor tiles.
  • If you are keeping your tones basic and white, go for some detail to add texture. This is seen by using an inlay mould on the kitchen cupboards or the high skirting throughout the home, that adds that element of design to larger, same coloured spaces.
  • If using colour, make sure you paint samples next to each other to choose your colour/s. Our tip is make sure you do the right amount of coats you would do on your final surface and allow it to dry. Paints and tones can change a little between coats and from wet to dry.
  • Show off your beautiful skirting boards and architraves that frame your room by leaving them a vibrant white, and painting your room a bold colour.

  • Connect your spaces well. Make them open and easy to access, but also offer privacy when needed.


  • If you want to keep your spaces open, choose lower lying furniture. It will allow your eye to keep moving and won’t give you an visual or physical roadblocks.
  • You can mix and match furniture pieces such as lounges. Don’t be afraid to try different textures, colours and interest to your room.
  • Fill walkways with decorative pieces. You can find narrow furnishings or use large and bold wall artwork.
  • Plush bedding with lots of layers screams chic boutique. try adding different pillows such as euro, standard and decorative cushions to give a bedroom a quick make over. Add a cute throw and a rug at the base of the bed (which the bottom half of the bed will sit on) and your room is instantly transformed!
  • To make faux flowers look really real …. just add water to the vase!

  • Bring any space back down to earth with some cane, you get a relaxed, glamorous feeling.
  • Don’t be afraid to use soft furnishings you would see indoors in your outdoor areas. There are many outdoor rugs, cushions and furniture that look so indoor and will blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, making your home feel larger.


How to create an outdoor dining nook:

1) build privacy screen at edge of deck – like Scyon Linea cladding attached to a timber frame – go as high or as low as you like
2) have your carpenter build a corner bench set
3) add an outdoor dining setting
4) cluster some outdoor cushions on the bench seat to make it look and feel comfy


  • Don’t forget landscaping and leave no budget for it. Make sure you plan, plan, plan!
  • when you try bring character into a home, add some French doors are the key! They will instantly make any part look better
  • You don’t always need a garage, carport cheaper, quicker and can add dimension and detail to a lacking house
  • Roof has big impact on street appeal. It’s an easy fix buy repainting, and you can try a new colour. This is an excellent idea if you have a new extension too which will keep your roof line looking the same.