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IntrimĀ® Half Round HR30


IntrimĀ® Half Round timber mouldings can be used to create panelling for a stylish interior wall feature or attached to furniture or facings of kitchen islands and cabinetry.

HR30 is 30mm wide x 17mm thick with a 30mm diametre curve.

The profile is suitable for fitting to a flat surface or a curve with a radius of up to 200mm. Let us know before ordering if you are fitting to a steeper radius so a larger rebate can be removed in the back to allow for this.

Intrim Half Round timber panelling can be crafted in a range of timbers and finishes see the materials tab for details.


Available in:

  • HR30 30mm wide x 17mm thick with a 30mm diametre curve. Available in 5.4M lengths

Note: Victorian Ash is only available in random lengths.

  • FJ Pine
  • FJ Pine Primed
  • MR MDF
  • MR MDF Primed
  • Vic Ash
Materials & finishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the size of the HR profile equal the width?

The size of the number in the name of the Half Round profile is very close, there is approximately 2mm additional height to the profile. Always check the drawing with dimensions

Can the half round moulding be used on a curved wall?

Yes, the Intrim Half Round mouldings are designed to suit both flat and curved walls up to a 400mm radius.

Is Half Round available as large sheets?

Half Round Timber Moulds are available in single pieces and not in large sheets.

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