12th May 2023

What types of mouldings are typically used in Victorian or Georgian style interior design?

Victorian and Georgian style interior design often feature ornate and intricate timber mouldings to add a sense of grandeur and elegance to the space. Here are some types of timber mouldings typically used in Victorian or Georgian-style interiors:

  1. Skirtings and Architraves: Victorian Skirting board and Victorian architrave are characterised by intricate details on the profile. Usually, tall skirting boards that feature decorative elements are used. Elaborate architraves add decorative and define the architectural elements.
  2. Crown Moulding: In Victorian and Georgian interior design, crown mouldings are often elaborate with intricate details and can be quite wide.
  3. Chair Rail Moulding: Victorian and Georgian chair rail mouldings are often decorative with intricate designs.
  4. Wainscoting:  Wainscoting or wall panelling with intricate patterns is commonly used in Victorian and Georgian interior design to add depth to the space.
  5. Picture Rail Moulding: Picture rail moulding was common in the reception area of the house to display artworks and photos. Victorian and Georgian picture rail mouldings can be decorative with carved details.