20th April 2023

What types of mouldings are typically used in Modern/ Contemporary/ Art Deco interior design?

Modern Contemporary/ Art Deco interior design styles puts emphasis on creating a clean, minimalist look. Typically, timber mouldings used in this style of houses are: 

  • Skirtings and Architraves: In contemporary design house skirting boards are often simple. In the Art Deco style, they may be a bit more decorative, with geometric shapes or decorative accents. If you are looking for luxury modern skirting boards higher width skirtings can be chosen. 
  • Cornices of minimal details and angular shapes are used for this style. 
  • Wall panelling including wainscoting, VJ board, lining boards and wall battens can be used to add layers and details to Modern/ Contemporary/ Art Deco-style houses