18th August 2022

What are the benefits of the Intrim LED internal handrail system?

The benefits of the Intrim LED internal handrail systems are:

  • LED lighting lifts the mood of the environment.
  • The use of timber in interiors has a positive impact on the physical health and mental wellbeing of those living and working in these interiors.
  • Energy saving over traditional lighting.
  • Night light use for safety and better visibility.
  • Can be integrated for use as a low level, night light to illuminate as staff or residents move through the corridors at night
  • Available raw or with a hard wearing, triple layer, anti microbial coating.
  • The IHR10 hospital handrail option is manufactured to your predetermined lengths, arriving on site with the LED preassembled to save time and money at install.
  • There is no need to order pre-cut LED lengths in the Connecta Rail option. Lengths can be cut on site to suit your project, saving time and adding flexibility at installation.