30th August 2022

Is VJ panelling waterproof?

No, VJ Board Pro is made using a general purpose Moisture Resistant Medium-density fibreboard (MDF). MR MDF is not recommended for areas that are going to be exposed to a lot of moisture such as external applications or wet areas such as bathrooms. A High Moisture resistant MDF (UHMR MDF) would be required for those areas. There are other VJ Board Panelling systems on the market that claim to be waterproof such as for external areas exposed to the elements. These products use other substrate materials that are more suitable for wet areas, however, the finish isn’t as attractive as VJ Board Pro, and the cost is significantly higher.

We do stock an ultra moisture resistant VJ Board Pro product available in a sheet size of 3m x 1.2m that is suitable for wet area applications. Alternatively, you can achieve the same VJ Board look using Intrim’s range of lining boards such as LB03. These narrower panels clip together and create the same effect of Vertical Joint wall panelling. Select the Primed FJ Pine option for wet areas, they provide a beautiful finish and can be easier for an installer in smaller bathrooms compared to the larger VJ panel sheets.