11th July 2022

How to install raised panel vs recessed panel wainscoting?

Raised panel wainscoting is where the inlay mould is fixed directly to the wall to create a multi ‘picture frame’ across the wall look. This is a relatively simple, cost-effective method. Step-by-step details are contained in this guide. You can use the inlay mould with or without a chair rail and have the flexibility to apply the ‘frame’ look to the entire wall, by creating different-sized frames up the wall. There are a number of ways you can install this panelling. If you want to use a chair rail it is best to begin by installing your skirting board and chair rail. The skirting board and chair rail will be used as a guide to determine your spacing, so ensure these are installed level. 

Recessed panel wainscoting is the traditional Hamptons or American style influence. There are quite a few more steps involved in the process which require a higher budget and skill set and are generally left to a carpenter or builder.